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Viking hairstyle:tips and tutorials for men and women

Are you also a fan of the Viking series? Fancy trying to style your hair like Lagertha or Ragnar? Much easier said than done, the Viking hairstyle for men or women still requires a minimum of training! But if you succeed, you will have one of the most original hairstyles to style your long or medium-length hair this summer.Viking women's hairstyle tutorial e, inspirations viking hairstyles for men and advice, it's here!

The Vikings:masters of the art of braiding hair

When we look at books, series or films about the adventures of the Vikings, we quickly see that their hairstyles are very characteristic. They almost always have braids ! Long, thin, on the side of the head, in ear braid, African braid, high braid, the Vikings are masters in the art of braiding their hair. Moreover, their pretty hairstyles are inspirations for many women who are looking for an original hairstyle for a wedding for example. The advantage of the Viking hairstyle is that it can also be worn for a formal event as well as for everyday life. As you will have understood, it is impossible to style your hair like a Viking if you do not learn how to braid...

Viking woman hairstyle tutorial:the easy-to-reproduce Viking hairstyle


We start with a fairly simple tutorial:making several braids (the legendary Lagertha hairstyle). Here, rather than starting with a very elaborate model of Viking hairstyle, we suggest you make 5 braids . One voluminous one that starts at the top of the head and ends at the back of your hair, and two on each side of the head.

A few tips before you start:

  • Avoid doing this hairstyle the day you wash your hair, the braids will hold better for a few days or the day after washing;
  • Apply a texturizing spray to your hair to prep your hair for styling.

For the hairstyle:

  • Isolate the strands of hair that will be used to make your five braids with pliers in order to separate them from the rest of the hair;
  • Make a braid on each side of the face, taking care to twist the locks for a more beautiful effect (these first two braids must be symmetrical and fall just behind the ear on the length of the hair down);
  • Then make two more braids a little higher (spiky braid, classic braid, snake braid), start with something you already know; Of course, if you know how to do African braids quickly, the result will be even more stunning than with twisted braids;
  • For the braid that starts at the top of the head, you should make an African braid. For those who do not have long hair, it is possible to tie the end of the braid in a bun or bun.
  • Lightly backcomb the ends and apply some hairspray or setting spray.

Some ideas for your female Viking hairstyles


Women are spoiled for choice when it comes to styling their hair in Viking fashion. If they have long hair (even fine), it will be very easy to find ideas for hairstyles. Multi braids everywhere, double African braid e that go on the sides, classic African braids, a mono braid on the side of the skull, what to keep in mind is to give volume on the top and make braids or braids tousled ponytails .


Which Viking hairstyle for men?


If you are a man with long hair, you are in luck, you will be able to have fun and vary the Viking cuts with a little training. Don't worry, it's not complicated! You can start with simple things, like a half ponytail simple or a half ponytail which then goes into a braid along the loose hair .

The most iconic and successful Viking hairstyles today are those that feature shaved sides of the head and volume on the top of the skull . They allow you to make one or more braids that cascade backwards, a simple bun or even a chignon.

As for men with short or mid-length hair, they can go with the same hairstyle with the head half shaved on the sides or why not, completely shaved (it also works). Anyway, no matter what haircut you opt for, what will make your Viking style successful is your beard ! Don't neglect it as it adds credibility to your Viking hairstyle.


You now have some basic ideas for getting started in the world of Viking hairstyles. Train yourself in the braid and you will gradually gain in agility and style. What matters is knowing how to make braids that sit tight on your head! If you're really not good at it, try bubble braids. And you, what is your favorite Viking hairstyle?