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How to choose your nail polish?

How to choose your nail polish?

To make a good impression on a date or an important meeting, you need to dress according to the events and also take care of your nails.

Choose a varnish according to its rendering

Just like shoes, bags and jewelry, nail polish is also a fashion accessory that makes your outfit and your style stand out. If you just want to be elegant in the office, choose the cream varnish. This model has no particular effect and is suitable for all types of clothing. Remember to match it with the color of your bracelet, ring or other accessories that you want to highlight. In addition, the iridescent or metallic varnish is perfect for you, if you want a sophisticated finish. For a chic and elegant look, prefer basic shades such as nude or powder pink. You can also opt for darker shades like brown, deep red or gray.

Choose a nail polish according to each skin tone

The women's clothing is to be chosen when it highlights your morphology and your style. In the case of nail polish, you are better off using a shade that is close to your skin tone. This allows you to have a chic and discreet look at the same time. As for red nail polish, it enhances fair skin. It is to be matched with a black dress for a classic look. For a glamorous and trendy note, this accessory must be associated with a particular make-up. For darker skin, you can opt for a bright red polish.

Which nail polish for which occasion?

If you want to associate a black varnish with your women's clothing black trend, pay attention to rendering. Indeed, the black varnish is to be treated with caution, because it is very imposing. With black varnish and a black outfit, we will believe that you are going to a funeral ceremony. To avoid being ridiculous, also avoid applying black varnish to long nails. Otherwise, you risk looking like Cruella de Vil. Instead, wear it on short, square nails. As for the glittery varnish, it's a detail to pair with a party outfit.

How to choose your nail polish?

French manicure, nail polish for all styles

If you don't know which nail polish to choose to make a good impression where you are going, opt for the French manicure. Simple and timeless, it matches all styles and adapts to all events. To achieve it, there are many techniques that are easy to do and offer good results. Before drawing the white line, put a base on the nails. To have a beautiful white line, a slow but continuous brush stroke will allow you to successfully complete your French manicure. Let dry for 10 to 15 minutes before applying the clear nail polish in one or two coats.