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What long skirt to wear to work?

A classic long skirt at work:the pencil skirt

A must-have in 1960s fashion, the long pencil skirt is making a big comeback in our wardrobes. As a "Mad Men"-style secretary, sexy as hell with pumps or ankle boots, it is a wardrobe basic to rediscover urgently! Good news:this form of skirt is suitable for all body types. A godsend for all silhouettes, which brings sophistication to work outfits. It is often very tight and difficult to practice if you climb stairs all day long:choose a model that suits your type of activity so that you do not "suffer" it until the evening. Tapered, this long skirt, which you can choose down to the ankles or below the knee, becomes very classy when combined with a blouse, or more casual with boots and a crop-top. It is often split at the back:make sure that the cut does not rise too high to avoid any vulgarity.

The long folk skirt:watch out for the holiday effect

Nothing prevents you from wearing your pretty long fluid and light skirt to go to the office. However, be careful not to give the impression of coming to work as a dilettante. Often casual, this type of skirt should not make your boss think that you are already imagining yourself sunbathing on the beach. Armed with your Tropezian or wedge sandals to slender your silhouette, remember to stay sober for your top:forget the wide tops which risk making your whole outfit too neglected. A fitted blouse, a close-fitting tank top, a crocheted cardigan… the choice remains vast to make the outfit suitable. As for accessories, bet on multi-bracelets, cuffs that match different types of materials... Nothing better to make friends jealous at the coffee machine!

The long jersey tube skirt:play the comfort card

The long skirt remains a must in your wardrobe even for going to work. But professional activity does not necessarily rhyme with rigidity, and it is important to feel comfortable to remain productive. If the shape of the tube skirt is already original, choosing it in jersey also allows you to bring the comfort of cotton in a jogging-style material. But that doesn't mean it neglects your silhouette:it's up to you to match it in order to highlight it. As it is close to the body, do not hesitate to wear a top rather close to the body, or try a rather wide top:a crop-top in T-shirt material (but which does not reveal the navel) with a jacket jeans or even a satin blouse can bring sophistication to your look. As for shoes, dare to bring out your favorite tennis shoes! If you find sneakers too casual, flat or heeled sandals can also complement your outfit.