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How to quickly make your imperfections disappear?

Although the urge to get rid of your unsightly pimples by popping them is the first idea that comes to mind, you risk making the infection worse. Worse, popping the pimple could leave scars on your face that are hard to remove in the long run. We therefore recommend that you adopt an approach that treats imperfections quickly and effectively in order to maintain smooth skin. By drying out your acne and purifying your skin, you ensure a more hygienic and wise choice. Ready to take our advice? Our article of the day shows you the procedure to follow.

Healthy skin

The appearance of blackheads on the surface of your skin can come from several sources. This skin reaction can result from bacteria causing inflammation of the epidermis. But also an excess of sebum which will gradually clog the pores of the skin. This is mainly the case for combination and oily skin. We can still attribute them to poor diet, intolerance or hormonal production. Whatever the cause, one step is essential to have perfect skin:cleanse your skin . The cleansing-make-up removal ritual is essential to rid the skin of impurities and other sources of imperfections. We recommend doing this with healthy and organic treatments such as Happycuriennes' cleansing and make-up remover jelly so as not to irritate it further. You can also opt for milder products like Zao Essence of Nature's Organic Cleansing and Purifying Face Foam. In addition to cleansing, you can purify your skin with a scrub. We recommend performing this ritual once a week:to effectively exfoliate the skin without irritating it too much. A gentle exfoliant is a must, especially if you have acne scars. Lady Green's gentle organic facial exfoliant is at your service to unclog blackheads and rebalance your skin.

Make a Healing Mask

It is advisable to make a biological care mask once a week to prevent any unpleasant appearances. And this, especially during the shoulder seasons when the skin has to adapt somehow to the climatic conditions. The care mask can be nourishing, antioxidant, regenerating... In the current case where we want to have flawless skin, we recommend a purifying mask. The Kimber Cosmetics purifying face mask is your ally for a new look. Its main active ingredient:tea tree essential oil is recognized for its purifying properties and effective in treating acne-prone skin. Its peel off action unclogs blackhead pores and leaves skin clean.

You can also opt for homemade mask recipes based on purifying active ingredients:tea tree, green tea, rose water... Homemade masks are effective solutions for making an imperfection disappear on the face. The advantage of this method is the possibility of having a wide choice of ingredients. You can use fruits, vegetables, flour, eggs, honey, clay, oils, etc. For example, you can make a mask based on egg white and potato. For the preparation, you will need the juice of a medium grated potato and an egg white whipped. You can also make a mask with kiwi, carrot, etc. Fruits and vegetables are not only effective antioxidants but they are also products that provide the necessary hydration for the face. They therefore help the epidermis to regenerate quickly and to conceal imperfections, including the spots left by acne.

Dry up blemishes

Next comes the pimple treatment and in this area anti-blemish serums work wonders! Serum, sticks or concentrate of active ingredients, they can locally treat the unsightly pimple/inflammation. Composed of a synergy of plants and zinc, Lady green's anti-blemish gel pen dries up pimples while soothing the skin. In the absence of anti-imperfection care available, certain essential oils are major allies for regaining flawless skin. This is an opportunity to bring out the tea tree, excellent against acne, the ravintsara just as effective but whose smell is quite strong, you can also try lavender or niaouli...

Remove makeup every night

Just as the skin needs to be cleansed in the morning, in the evening it must be perfectly cleansed. Cleansing the skin is an important step in removing blemishes. In the evening after a day's work, your skin carries all the impurities of the day; pollution and product remains. These only accentuate the imperfections if they are not properly removed. To cleanse your skin, you will need a cotton pad or a reusable make-up remover pad and the silky make-up remover gel from Oliv'Bio. You can also use Zao Essence of Nature Organic Facial Cleansing and Purifying Foam. When the remnants of makeup are all removed, you can complete your evening routine with a toning and moisturizing lotion. You can then apply the products intended to clean the imperfections. Well-cleaned skin will be able to absorb these solutions more easily and you will therefore have a better chance of removing the stains.