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How to have soft skin naturally?

How to naturally have

soft skin?

The month of June is here and many of us are slowly preparing for our holidays.
I don't know about you, but in winter, I have the annoying tendency to be lazy when it comes to hydrating my body, but as soon as the good weather arrives, I redouble my efforts to display my legs in my most nice shorts.

What are my beauty secrets?

First of all, you have to start with a good scrub. Indeed, the skin needs to be regularly rid of these impurities and ugly dead cells.

For my body, I prefer grosgrains which will allow a deep exfoliation. La Cassidaine Organic Coffee Scrub is perfect for this use. Indeed, it is a treatment created specifically to detoxify and drain cellulite stored in the thighs and stomach. The moisturizing and antioxidant properties of Organic Argan Oil are combined with the draining effects of coffee grounds to activate your lymphatic circulation and act effectively against cellulite. As a result, we find a very soft skin and especially associated with sport and a healthy lifestyle, a smooth skin surface. The virtues of coffee are fabulous, besides you can recover the coffee grounds, and associate with your favorite vegetable oil to create your own scrub.

For my face, I appreciate the softness of the argan powder from soap stories, which gently erases and purifies the signs of tiredness on my face to leave a fresh and unified complexion, ready to catch the rays of the sun!

And after that?

Once the skin is scrubbed and exfoliated (to be done before waxing in case of ingrown hairs), it needs hydration. Gone are the days of laziness, under penalty of wearing crocodile skin in the middle of summer.

For this, in this season, I prefer dry oils. Indeed, they have a strong moisturizing power (by favoring of course the beautiful compositions), penetrate quickly and leave a nice satin film.

At the moment, I use a lot of dry oil with organic argan oil from the brand La savonnerie du pilon du roy, discovered in the Belle au Naturel box for the month of June. It will give your skin a luminous glow and its delicate amber orange scent is an invitation to travel. A pure delight.

With regenerating, nourishing and restorative properties, this dry oil is suitable for all skin types. It brings softness to your body, but also to your hair, while perfuming you with a refined and elegant scent. It offers a sweet moment of sensoriality.

Once these steps are done, I put on my prettiest dress, a pair of sandals and off I go for a day.

And you, what are your hydration secrets?

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