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How to have a luminous complexion this fall?

The back-to-school madness is over, it's time to put away the sandals and the little dresses, because autumn has arrived! The temperatures are getting colder, the holiday tan is starting to fade, but you're not giving up:your complexion will stay glowing this fall! Care, make-up, lifestyle and diet, Veld's reveals the secrets to having a luminous complexion all year round.

Is it possible to have a luminous complexion in autumn?

Ah autumn... its red-orange vegetation, the return of chunky knits and hot chocolates... but also its share of inconveniences on our body! With each change of season, our body observes a phase of adaptation . In the fall, when the temperatures cool, the weather is more humid, and the sunshine is less strong, our body, and in particular our skin, react immediately. Cold and humidity dry out the skin, making it more sensitive, and lack of sun exposure results in a duller complexion.

When you add to that a hectic back to school, stress and the little autumn viruses circulating, our body is put to the test! Do not panic, nothing is irremediable. A small cure of vitamins, treatments to pamper your skin, and a few good daily reflexes can help you have a luminous complexion in autumn , and even until the end of winter, yes yes!

How to have a luminous complexion?

Clearing up

First step to have a luminous complexion:cleanse your skin thoroughly every day . In the morning, a light cleaning is enough. In the evening, a make-up removal in the rules of the art, followed by a cleansing gel, are necessary to eliminate perspiration, dust, particles of pollution and other impurities. This is also the time to eliminate excess sebum and toxins evacuated by the skin throughout the day.

To complete the cleansing of your skin, you can also bet on steam! The facial sauna is ideal for dilating pores with heat and humidity. The skin tissue can thus easily evacuate all impurities that made your complexion dull.

Stimulate circulation

Once the pores have dilated, you can then exfoliate. The exfoliation then makes it possible to remove the impurities lodged in depth, and to activate the blood microcirculation. In fact, grain scrubs (or mechanical scrubs) give a boost to circulation when you massage the skin. Results ? You regain radiance with a luminous and fresh complexion .

To take advantage of the benefits of the facial sauna and exfoliation, do this ritual only once a week . Note that the facial sauna and the mechanical scrub are contraindicated for sensitive or reactive skin. Prefer a mild chemical scrub, with fruit enzymes, for example.

We hydrate, just right

Last step not to be neglected to have a luminous complexion:hydration. We don't say it enough, but it's important to adapt your skincare routine to the different seasons . During spring and summer, light moisturizers may be sufficient for skin, which tends to produce more oil. In autumn and winter, the epidermis is weakened by the cold, and needs richer care.

Better to turn to a moisturizing AND nourishing cream , which brings water and lipids to your skin. You can also choose a cream rich in soothing active ingredients, such as our Pure Pulp Neo gel. To find the right dosage, observe your skin:it should not pull, you should not feel any discomfort, but it should not be covered with a greasy film either. Juggle between more or less rich creams, and dose more or less generously, to find the right balance.

Makeup:how to make a luminous complexion?

Once the skin is clear, fresh and well hydrated, make-up is a first choice ally to create a luminous complexion . The secret is to have products that match your skin tone exactly. A foundation and a concealer that are too light will gray the complexion, while products that are too dark will make it orange. Do not hesitate to seek advice from a makeup store to find the right shade.

For a natural look, the ideal is to choose a liquid foundation and apply it with a brush , to stretch the material evenly. If you do not have excessive imperfections or redness, have a very light hand , it is just a question of unifying the complexion. If you use a CC cream or a BB cream, you can also apply it with a brush.

Then work locally with a concealer to reduce redness, blemishes, and dark circles. Add a veil of loose powder on the T-zone, then a touch of blush on the cheeks to bring pep to the complexion. To finalize the make-up and have a luminous complexion, add a note of highlighter on the top of the cheekbones, Cupid's bow, and under the eyebrow line. Be careful, here again, have a delicate hand to avoid the disco ball effect!

Our tips for having a naturally luminous complexion

A colorful autumn

If the weather, skincare and make-up affect the radiance of the complexion, our clothing choices have just as much influence! When it's cold, we quickly tend to go back to the good old black sweater, but it tends to harden the features and dull the complexion. See fall in color! There is no shortage of trendy colors this season:burgundy, Camel, mustard, pine green or powder pink are honored! Experiment with different shades and see what best enhances your complexion. If necessary, do not hesitate to seek advice from a ready-to-wear store or from a stylist. Clothing that flatters your complexion can make all the difference!

A vitaminized diet

A good diet is the key to a luminous complexion! To prolong your holiday tan, bet on foods rich in beta-carotene and in season :carrot, pumpkin, sweet potato, lettuce. Foods rich in vitamin A (spinach, red tuna, eggs, peas), and vitamin E (almonds, avocado, kiwi, tuna) also help maintain a radiant complexion. At the same time, limit foods that are too high in fat and carbohydrates, stay hydrated, and you'll see the difference in the mirror.

A healthy lifestyle

It's no secret that fatigue and stress have a heavy impact on our skin :dull complexion, signs of fatigue, imperfections, irritated skin, marked wrinkles. Taking care of yourself and improving your lifestyle can easily beautify your skin and give radiance to your complexion. To look good all year round, as we have seen, good nutrition and good hydration are necessary. But that's not all. Sufficient nights of sleep (7 to 8 hours per night), with a regular sleep cycle and daily rest times are necessary to be in good shape. Healthy stress management , through sport, leisure, or meditation, is also a condition for having a luminous complexion.