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How to get a tan quickly?

Sunny days are on the horizon, and horror, your complexion is whiter than white? To look good from the first sunny days, there are a few tips for having a naturally tanned complexion. How to get a tan quickly? How to sublimate your skin with a nice tanned complexion? Veld's reveals its secrets to you.

Tanning, how does it go?

To succeed in tanning quickly, and above all, effectively, you must first understand the mechanism behind tanning . Tanning is actually a defense action of the skin against the sun's rays, which attack it. This is why you have to be vigilant when tanning, to avoid sunburn, but also oxidative stress. Indeed, the sun can accelerate skin aging because of the oxidative stress it causes, so you have to dose your exposures well.

Concretely, in the different layers that make up the skin, there are cells called melanocytes . The latter, stimulated by UV rays, produce melanin. The melanin then absorbs the rays of the sun to protect the skin, before moving to the surface of the skin, and giving it a brown appearance. This is the art of tanning.

However, if you expose yourself too long or too frequently, the melanocytes can no longer fulfill their protective role and thus give way to sunburn, or even deep burns. Caution is therefore advised.

How to have a tanned complexion for the summer?

Healthy glow creams for a tanned complexion

If the sun is slow to show up, or if you want to give your skin a little boost, healthy glow effect creams are your allies . Our Pure Pulp Glow cream, for example, adapts to all skin tones to give them a tanned, discreet and natural complexion. Its natural micro-pigments are diffused during the massage, to be able to dose the healthy glow effect as you wish! Bonuses? It helps to reduce the signs of aging , and deeply hydrate your skin.

Exfoliation:the key to accelerating tanning

To put the odds on your side and get a tan quickly , exfoliation is key. Once or twice a week, exfoliate your skin with a scrub suited to your skin type:enzymatic for sensitive skin, mechanical for normal to oily skin. Exfoliation of the face will eliminate all the dead skin that dulls the complexion, and make the skin more receptive to UV rays.

The tan will appear faster, and above all, it will be more even . Be careful though:do not exfoliate just before exposing yourself, do it rather in the evening, before applying a cocooning cream.

Exposition in complete safety, to tan without burning!

Tanning quickly to have a tanned complexion all summer is one thing, getting burned from the first exposures is another. To have radiant skin, you must ensure that you tan safely. Protect your skin with a sunscreen with a high SPF index for the first few days, before opting for a lighter sunscreen once the skin is lightly tanned.

Avoid hours when the sun is too strong to prevent sunburn. Above all, after each exposure, remember to moisturize your skin deeply , with a moisturizer rich in lipids, or after-sun care.

Banned-effect makeup

Are you still not completely satisfied with your complexion? To bring a tanned effect to your make-up, nothing could be simpler. First of all, you can bet on the Terre de Soleil . What is the origin of this lovely name? Precisely, the fact of giving an "exposure to the sun" and slightly tanned effect to the complexion.

Choose one suited to your skin tone for a natural effect. Apply it with a fluffy brush, drawing a three on the length of the face:start from the temples, follow the contour of the eye, come back to the cheekbone, then contour the cheek to finish on the jawline. To go further in this “tanned effect” make-up, you can go for contouring by working this "three" more in depth, and by also working at the level of the nose.

Food for a naturally tanned complexion

When the good weather arrives, you can have a tanned complexion quickly, by focusing on a diet rich in beta-carotene . It is a plant pigment, contained in many foods, capable of absorbing part of the waves emitted by the sun, through UV rays.

Foods containing beta-carotene thus promote a quick and harmonious tan , to have a naturally tanned complexion! To fill up on beta-carotenes, eat:carrots, tomatoes, apricots, mangoes, red peppers, or even prunes.