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How to treat combination to oily skin?

Having combination to oily skin can be very embarrassing on a daily basis:shiny skin, imperfections, make-up that doesn't hold well, irritation... Combination to oily skin, which is particularly sensitive, requires a special care routine. How to maintain and rebalance combination skin? What care for combination to oily skin? Here are Veld's tips.

Why does the skin produce excess sebum?

When you have combination skin or oily skin, this is due to an imbalance in the hydrolipidic film . In "normal" skin, the hydrolipidic film is made up of water and sebum in equal parts. This film constitutes a barrier against external aggressions. In combination to oily skin, the "sebum" part is more important than the water part, which creates an imbalance.

This excess sebum clogs the pores, creates comedones, irritations, makes the complexion dull and the skin "shiny" . When the skin is irritated, it responds by producing sebum to defend itself, which leads to a vicious cycle and the skin becomes more and more oily, and more and more irritated.

To rebalance and treat combination to oily skin, you must first try to understand its causes. Several factors can promote oily skin:

  • External causes:unsuitable and overly aggressive cosmetic treatments, pollution, tobacco, temperatures that are too hot or too cold, an environment that is too humid or too dry.
  • Internal causes:genetic heritage, taking medication, overeating, stress, fatigue.

If you are aware of the factors causing excess sebum, it will be easier to take care of your oily skin:protect it from pollution, adopt a better lifestyle, adapt your beauty routine.

What care routine for combination to oily skin?


Morning and evening, it is essential to cleanse your skin. In the morning, to eliminate excess sebum and toxins generated during the night. In the evening, to rid the skin of make-up residue, impurities, perspiration and sebum accumulated throughout the day.

The mistake when you have oily skin is to turn to products that are too aggressive to “dry out” the skin. A cleanser that is too harsh will certainly reduce the amount of sebum, but also the amount of water, and will end up damaging the hydrolipidic film. The skin is then exposed without protection to daily aggressions, and responds by overproducing sebum. We then find ourselves in a vicious circle which only greases the skin more and more.

For combination to oily skin, which is often sensitive, the ideal is to use a mild facial cleanser :a floral water, a cleansing gel with physiological pH, or a cleansing oil (provided that the oil used as a base is vegetable and suitable for oily skin).

Once or twice a week, you can also exfoliate your skin to properly unclog pores, prevent the appearance of comedones, and eliminate dead cells that make the complexion dull. You can also bet on a purifying and exfoliating mask once or twice a week.


A combination to oily skin, although it is in excess of sebum, is not necessarily in excess of water. On a daily basis, it is therefore essential to hydrate (water) your skin, but not to nourish it (lipids). Forget moisturizing and nourishing creams that are too rich for your skin, and focus only on hydration. The water will strengthen the skin barrier to better protect your skin and prevent it from producing sebum to defend itself.

Morning and evening, once your skin is clean and dry, apply a light moisturizer with your fingertips, using a circular massage. If your skin feels tight and feels dry, try using a regular moisturizer and see what level of hydration works best for your skin.

Good gestures for problem skin

Combination to oily skin is often prone to skin problems:irritations, blackheads, imperfections. To overcome these inconveniences that spoil your pretty complexion on a daily basis, you first need suitable products. Whether it's your cleanser, your mask, or your moisturizer, make sure the products you use are non-comedogenic .

Prefer treatments with an astringent and anti-bacterial agent, which will cleanse the skin and prevent inflammation. Then, a soothing and healing active ingredient is also essential to prevent the formation of scars following the appearance of comedones.

In addition to cleansing and moisturizing, you can use a local treatment to overcome imperfections :today there are many “stop pimple” creams as well as roll-ons. For fans of natural solutions, the application of tea tree essential oil on blackheads also works very well.

How to make up oily skin?

Applying makeup to combination to oily skin can require a bit of ingenuity, in order to keep the makeup in place despite the excess sebum. Once your skin is clean and hydrated, you can apply your foundation. Choose a fluid foundation to apply with a brush, with a light enough texture not to grease the face and clog pores . Again, be careful that the foundation does not contain comedogenic agents.

For those who want a more covering foundation, you can use powder foundation, but beware of the "plastered" effect, you must use very little material. The right compromise:apply a natural fluid foundation, and work on redness and imperfections such as dark circles, using a concealer and a small brush . Your complexion will thus be more natural, more unified, and imperfections better camouflaged.

To mattify the T-zone often prone to shine, you can apply a mineral powder. To avoid putting on 10 layers throughout the day and suffocating your skin, think about mattifying papers :small blotting papers to absorb sebum, and do a little make-up touch-up two to three times a day. It can be found today in all make-up stores, and it is the ideal solution to reduce the “glossy skin” effect and mattify the complexion.

Finally, to avoid the clown effect at the end of the day, be light on blush and sun powder:when you have oily skin, makeup tends to spread and the different products merge. The blush to the chin at the end of the afternoon, it's not terrible! For better hold, consider cream textures, which often cling better to the skin :valid for blush, as for eyeshadow!