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How to avoid make-up error at work?

How to avoid make-up error at work? When we're at work, it's not always easy to take ten minutes to touch up our make-up . It is therefore preferable to avoid the make-up error in the morning to spend a working day in complete serenity. By taking these few tips into account, you will maintain a perfect complexion without spending the day wondering if your lipstick is still holding or if your mascara has not smudged.


In the morning, in front of the mirror, it is important to take your time. Hastily done makeup won't last long and mistakes are more easily made. Start by choosing your makeup carefully. Arriving at work with too much makeup is not recommended. Neither does the reverse. If you arrive with a tired face, you may not make a very good impression.

To do this, all you need to do is avoid a few basic make-up mistakes. First of all, it is not recommended to use a foundation that is too dark, because it overloads the face. Depending on your skin tone, it's best to go for a product that's a bit lighter in shade which will make you look fresh and awake. Conversely, to avoid looking tired, remove the concealer that is too light and does not raise your eyes. As a general rule, excess make-up should be avoided:too much mascara and your eyes will lose their doe-eye effect, too much blush and you will look like a porcelain doll...

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Also pay attention to the choice of colors. We do not make up both the eyes and the mouth in flashy colors. If you choose for example to accentuate the eye makeup, do not insist too much on the mouth. A touch of gloss is perfectly sufficient. Ultra-flash eyeshadows are pretty much out of fashion. We prefer shaded pink, pearl or gray colors that enhance the look. In short, we remember that very showy colors are no longer on the agenda and often give a vulgar appearance that is best avoided, especially at work. The best is to favor a nude makeup that will give you an air that is both sophisticated and natural.


Finally, here are some tips so that your make-up does not disappear before the end of the morning. The most important thing is to apply your makeup on clean skin. A well-exfoliated and hydrated skin will be the secret to keeping your make-up. Also prefer long-lasting makeup products. Waterproof makeup can be very useful, especially in rainy weather. Finally, remember to fix your makeup. For make-up to last longer, there are several fixing techniques. You can use powder. Simply sweep over the entire face using a brush. Sprays are also sold commercially. It is the final touch of your make-up. For flawless hold, spray the product on your makeup face just before going out.