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A magnifying mirror, what is it for?

A magnifying mirror, what is it for? In the shelves of household appliance stores, you pass, often dubiously, in front of the stalls of magnifying mirrors. You wonder if they have any real use and what they can be used for. How are they different from classic mirrors and what more do they bring? Before investing in this beauty accessory, here are some explanations.


Magnifying mirrors have a use just like conventional mirrors or pocket mirrors. If pocket mirrors are perfect for a little make-up touch-up during the day, the classic mirror is very well suited to check your general look. The magnifying mirror is used for makeup. Indeed, the magnifying effect of the mirror makes it possible not to miss small skin imperfections such as fine lines and spots. You will therefore be able to wear make-up by camouflage your little skin problems as well as possible. If it is equipped with a light, your make-up will gain in quality since you can work on your complexion with a luminosity close to that of sunlight. This way, you don't run the risk of ending up with too dark a complexion or overly colored cheeks.


If the magnifying mirror is recognized for its usefulness during the make-up routine, it is particularly appreciated for removing the most difficult to detect facial hair. Indeed, very short hair or blond hair will not escape you. So you will be flawless. Men will also find utility in the use of the magnifying mirror, especially for daily shaving. To dislodge blackheads, the magnifying mirror is also recommended. Indeed, it is not always easy to observe blackheads from a conventional mirror.

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There are a multitude of magnifying mirrors. Choose yours according to the needs in your household. If you want to place it in your bathroom for all your family members to use, then invest in a wall-mounted magnifying arm mirror instead. If you want to acquire a magnifying makeup mirror, then get a stand mirror. If you do not have good light in your interior, add a few euros for a magnifying mirror model equipped with an integrated lighting system. Similarly, if you want to use your magnifying mirror for facial hair removal, choose a fairly high magnification. You will find on the market magnifying mirrors whose magnification varies between 2 to 20 times. If you suffer from vision problems, investing in a magnifying mirror can be a good solution. In this case, choose a large zoom.