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What color for my hair?

What color for fragile hair?

For fragile hair that lacks a bit of tone, it is possible to do a tone-on-tone coloring to boost the radiance of the original color. If your hair is dry, it is more fragile, in addition to caring for your dry hair, choose a color without ammonia. To combine a care with a color, opt for tinted shampoos revealing reflections. Vegetable colorings are also recommended for weakened hair. If you have a very small budget, consider henna coloring, 100% natural and very effective to give auburn highlights to brown hair, in addition to cleaning the scalp.

What coloring for white hair

To effectively cover white hair, coloring is the best tool. If it is a question of camouflage your first white hair, a vegetable coloring can be enough. On the other hand, for white hair, opt for a more covering chemical coloring than organic or vegetable coloring. Properly applied, permanent hair color provides a natural, covering and long-lasting result. To preserve the color and shine of your hair, remember to maintain your color with a special cleansing shampoo for colored hair.

What color for already colored hair

For already colored hair that needs a makeover, there are specific mousse colorings. The mousse is an easy-to-use texture and allows effective touch-ups to restore tone to your color. Ammonia-free cream colorings are also effective in revitalizing a color. On colored hair, it is possible to accentuate the reflections and the effects in the hair, or to make a darker coloring. Color alone cannot lighten colored dark hair. If however it is a question of making up for a missed color, it is desirable to avoid the massacre and to pass between the hands of an expert colorist hairdresser.

Want to see your color result before you get started? Feel free to experiment with new cuts and shades with our makeover tool!