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Natural makeup removers

Natural make-up removers are not only cheaper, but many times better for the skin than all chemical products from the store. With these home remedies you have a natural make-up remover that is also good for your skin

Home-garden-kitchen products as natural make-up removers

When you come home from a party, you discover that you no longer have any makeup remover. Don't worry, because with the home-garden-kitchen remedies below you can completely clean your skin in no time. In addition, you also take care of your skin and there are no chemical agents that burden your skin with unnecessary substances.

1. Coconut oil

Coconut is a real all-rounder and can be used for a wide variety of things, including as a care product. A good alternative if you don't have make up remover at home is coconut oil. It smells great and is also super healthy. Put a small amount of coconut oil on your finger or on a cotton pad, let it soak in for a while and then you can easily remove the make up. The coconut oil also nourishes your skin.

2. Vaseline

Not quite a natural product, but cheap and you can use it for a long time. A little Vaseline on a cotton pad, rub over the make-up and wipe with a clean cotton pad or tissue. Just like coconut oil, Vaseline is also nourishing for the skin.

3. Honey

With honey you kill two birds with one stone:it not only cleans your skin, but also cares for it. Apply honey to the skin with your fingers, also where make-up is on, let it soak in briefly and then rinse your face well with lukewarm water.

4. Yogurt

A jar of unsweetened natural yogurt does wonders for your skin. Use the yogurt just like a regular cleansing lotion. Be careful not to get the yogurt in your eyes, as this can cause irritation.

5. Olive oil

Olive oil is also an excellent home remedy for removing make-up. Put some olive oil on a tissue or a cotton pad and remove your make up with it. The olive oil absorbs into your skin so that it is immediately nourished and cared for. This means you no longer need a special face cream.

6. Baby oil

Maybe not really a natural make-up remover, but always handy to have at home:baby oil. The advantage of baby oil is that it will not irritate your skin, because the oil has been developed for the delicate baby skin. An ideal make-up remover around and on your eyes, without causing them any discomfort. Put some oil on a cotton pad and wipe off all make-up with it.

You can also mix the baby oil with cucumber juice, the juice of the cucumber will moisturize your skin.

7. Aloe Vera

Another top product that can be used for anything and everything, including cleansing your skin and removing make-up. Even stubborn make-up such as mascara can be removed very easily with Aloe Vera. Where the other products may be too greasy for oily skin, Aloe Vera is very good for oily skin.