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How to lighten blonde hair?

If you are naturally blonde or have bleached hair, you may have experienced yellow hair before! If this has ever happened to you, you know how yellow and blond are two different colors and yellow on the hair, it quickly makes a straw effect. But then, how to de-yellow blonde hair ?

Why does blonde hair turn yellow?

Whether you are a real blonde or a bleached blonde, the risks of yellow reflections are equal and are more or less present.

If you are blonde from birth, several factors cause your hair to turn yellow, including:

  • Pool chlorine;
  • Sea water
  • Poor hydration.

To overcome these yellow reflections, it is essential to take care of your blond hair by moisturizing it regularly and in particular the lengths. Thus, the hydrolipidic film of your hair will be protected.

And if you opt for a blonde discoloration, the factors mentioned above can also cause yellow hair, but the main cause is the exposure time of the discoloration . Indeed, if you are basically brown and want a platinum yellow, you will first have to remove the natural pigment. In this stage, the hair displays several shades:red, orange, blond, etc. Thus, to avoid yellow hair, the break time is fundamental. Neither too much nor not enough.

Purple or blue shampoo to fight against yellow hair

On the market, there are a large number of shampoos that can de-yellow blonde hair . To be effective, opt for sulfate-free shampoos which will neutralize the dominant yellow of the hair thanks to the opposite color:purple or blue.

These blue and purple pigments will come to counter the yellow hair and thus give an impression of shine. These can be used every week to limit the appearance of yellowing, which is particularly important for ash blondes.

Lighten up blonde hair with patina

In addition to these shampoos, some hairdressers will offer you a patina . This is a gel color with low oxidant. The latter is very effective in reducing yellow reflections. But beware, it is absolutely inadvisable to do a patina at home at the risk of dangerously damaging your coloring and especially your hair. The latter must only be carried out by a professional hairdresser.

Choosing the right products to lighten your hair

To lighten your blond hair , there is only one solution:regular maintenance. To keep a beautiful blonde, you don't need to go back to the hairdresser every week, just choose the right hair products like the specific hair ranges for blonde hair from My Origins. In particular shampoos and bluish treatments . However, use them in moderation, because if you do it too often (maximum every other shampoo), you risk getting the opposite effect:dull hair, blue highlights, dry hair, etc.

How to lighten blonde hair naturally?

It is also possible to neutralize blond reflections naturally, thanks to gentian violet and its violet hue or chamomile. Here are some alternatives:

Natural shampoo

Pour your usual shampoo into a bowl, then add a few drops of gentian violet (2-3 drops maximum) and mix. As soon as the purple seems correct to you, pour the preparation into a bottle of shampoo, then use it like any purple shampoo, so no more than every other shampoo.

Hair removal treatment

In an empty shampoo bottle, mix 100g Roman chamomile buds, juice of 1/2 lemon, 3 tbsp white vinegar and complete the preparation with 500 ml of water. As simple as that, you now have a treatment for your blonde hair. In addition, you can use it as a conditioner.

Chamomile is a recognized treatment for blond hair, it helps to accentuate blond highlights. For lemon and vinegar, they will bring shine to your hair.

Natural rinse water

In a large container, dilute 2 or 3 drops of gentian violet in a liter of water . Then, rinse your hair once with the preparation, then rinse again with clear water.

The rinsing water is used after the shampoo and if the mixture is correctly made, it helps to remove yellow hair. But as with shampoo, don't overdo the gentian violet!

Things to avoid to keep hair blonde and not yellow

  • Chlorine
  • Sea water
  • The rays of the sun;
  • Heat:straighteners/curlers, hair dryers, etc.