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Maintain and enhance your tan

How pretty is this tan! Did you have a good vacation ?
In any case, your tan makes you want to. Me, I'm as pale as an aspirin, like every year. A few accidental t-shirt marks on the shoulders, following a meal where I was in the shade and where I forgot that there was sun. I hope you have protected yourself well!

Magnifying and retaining its


Your lasting tan is due to the effect of UV on your skin.

Basically, it's a defense mechanism of the body:UVA causes melanin to oxidize, which gives the skin a light momentary tan, and UVB accelerates its production, which gives your skin a tanned shade, more or less dark depending on your melano-type.
Darker, but also thickened, your skin is a little less sensitive to the aggressions of the sun.
Although a protective mechanism, the tan is no less aesthetic, and we appreciate being able to preserve and enhance it.

You will tell me that now that you have it, you would like to keep this tan as long as possible, but also to magnify it. I can understand...and even give you some leads!

These tips are valid during and in the weeks following the exhibition.


The goal is to get rid of dead cells that dull the radiance of your skin and therefore your tan! Once a week, after the exposure period, perform a very gentle exfoliation, for example with Comete Cosmetics for the body, and Fairy Secrets on the face.

Practice hydration

In the morning, moisturize your skin with a cream ideally rich in antioxidants.
For the face, use, for example, the hydra light cream from Atelier des Délices, which contains hibiscus oil with strong antioxidant power.
The cream has a "light" effect that will make your tan even brighter!

Nourish and sublimate!

In the evening, enjoy the captivating scent of Centifolia Nectar, which will nourish your skin and sublimate it while illuminating it!
You can also use oils like Nabalsy's Organic Tan Oil, which was in the July box, to prolong the tan with Carrot Oil and Urucum Powder.

Don't forget to apply post-exposure care.
It will only be better for your tan.

On your plate

We help his tan to maintain with foods rich in beta carotenes!
Eat carrots, melon, spinach, parsley, mango, apricots... Plus, it's good for your health!

To make your tan shine, head to sublimating oils, like Couleur Caramel's shimmering oil.

And the make-up?

To enhance your tan, leave dull foundations behind, bet everything on radiance! Feel free to add some blush to your cheekbones, upper forehead, bridge of your nose, and chin.

Did you know?

A tan is also a sign of good health! Even if your melano-type is largely responsible for the color of your skin, a healthy organism will tan more easily:inevitably, if you are well your body will be more reactive to aggression.

Do not hesitate to supplement yourself with vitamin C, and to consume essential fatty acids.

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