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How to dress well with an H body shape?

What woman has never dreamed of wearing an item that was not made for her morphology ? We have all experienced this disappointment at one time or another in our lives. Know your morphology lets you know how to highlight your silhouette with elegance.

Among the different female body types, the slender and slender silhouette of women with an H-shaped body shape (or rectangle) is often envious. However, most women with a rectangular body shape regret their lack of forms and wish to feminize their silhouette to break their androgynous style.

Find out how to dress when you have an H body shape ?

What is an H morphology?

The H shape or rectangular shape is a common morphology in women. What does she look like?

  • Hips and shoulders of the same width.
  • An alignment between the upper and lower body.
  • A little marked or non-existent size.
  • A slim and slender androgynous silhouette.
  • A small chest.

Having trouble recognizing yourself in this description? To help you, here are some examples of stars with an H-shaped morphology :Natalie Portman , Kate Moss , Jessica Alba , Victoria Beckham or even Charlotte Gainsbourg .

How to emphasize an H morphology?

To highlight your silhouette, you should above all feminize it by emphasizing the shoulders and giving the impression of a slim waist.

How to do?

  • Opt for V-necklines.
  • Prefer straight, wide and flowing cuts.
  • Wear low waists.

If there is a silhouette that can ride the feminine/masculine style trend , this is the H morphology.

How to dress with an H body shape?

Which jeans with an H shape?

With an H body type, choose low-rise jeans.

For example, you can choose slim jeans push-up to harmonize your silhouette.

On the pants side, the cuts of carrot pants or 7/8th pants are also excellent choices for your morphology.

Try to wear solid colors on your lower body and favor prints for your tops and tops.

Which skirt with H morphology?

Here are some rules to remember when choosing a skirt adapted to the H morphology:

  • Never choose models of skirts that are too flared.
  • Choose straight skirts or wrap skirts instead.
  • Prefer short skirts (split, pleated, with prints).

Which dress with an H morphology?

Go for straight cuts or cuts not too close to the body type loose .

If you are looking for a evening dress for the H body type , the empire waist dress will suit you perfectly because its waist is raised under the chest and it will highlight your shoulders.

What dress to wear with an H body type?

  • A-line dresses.
  • Dresses with low necklines.
  • Flowing dresses.
  • Short dresses.
  • Strapless dresses.
  • Dresses with fluid fabric.

What top with an H morphology?

The first rule to follow when you have a rectangular morphology is to choose slightly flowing tops. Forget tops that are too tight and those that are too oversized .

Show off your strengths! Bet on your neckline with a plunging V neckline or a round neckline. You can also choose printed tops, fancy tops, lace tops and Claudine collars .

On the jacket side, opt for slightly fitted blazers that are worn open to give the illusion of size.

H body shape, which swimsuit to wear?

For the choice of swimsuit, opt for a two-piece swimsuit .

Go for a triangle or a push-up to give volume to your chest. Choose low-rise briefs with ruffled, frilly or patterned details.

On the pattern side, take bikinis with prints and why not even a mismatched set.

If you are a fan of one-piece swimsuits, you can go for one of the trendy swimsuits this summer 2020:the asymmetrical swimsuit. Its shape will suit your morphology well thanks to its unstructured and chic appearance.

H body shape and coat?

Prefer straight-cut coats (duffle coat, trench coat, pea coats, etc.). If your coat has a belt, don't close it. Wear it loose or slung across the back.

Mistakes to avoid when you have an H morphology

  • Mark the size.
  • Belt your outfits.
  • Wear high-waisted pants.
  • Opt for flared skirts.
  • Wear tight dresses.

3 things to remember when you have an H body shape

  • We focus on straight cuts
  • We highlight our cleavage
  • We never belt the waist