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How to dress with an A body shape?

Each woman has her own morphology and her little secrets to show off her assets. The morphology in A is the most common morphology in French women.

With a rather thin upper body and plump thighs and glutes, it's not always easy to know what clothes to wear. However, all you have to do is subtly highlight your assets and it's very easy. There are plenty of fashion tips for dressing with an A body shape .

Discover all our tips for knowing what to wear with an A body shape? Which pants to choose according to your morphology? Skirts, coats, dresses etc, here are all the fashion pieces to favor and especially mistakes to avoid with a morphology in A !

What is an A morphology?

A-shape or pyramid shape is a very common morphology in women. How to recognize it?

  • Thin shoulders.
  • Rather wide thighs.
  • Hips wider than shoulders.
  • A bouncy buttocks..

With a morphology in A, the eye must be drawn to the bust and not to the lower body.

Can't see if you fall into this category? Here are some examples of stars with an A morphology :Beyoncé, Jenifer Lopez, Shakira etc.

How to dress well with an A body shape?

To enhance a pyramid morphology , you have to draw the eye to the upper body while refining the lower body. It's all about volume!

How to do it?

  • Opt for V-necklines.
  • Wear jewelry that gives a slender look like necklaces.
  • Wear heels to lengthen the legs.
  • Wear XXL jewelry on the upper body (earrings, large link necklace, etc.).

What clothes with an A morphology?

Which jeans with an A morphology?

It is important to choose your jeans with an A morphology . The main objective is to draw the eye to the upper body, marking the waist.

  • You can opt for raw or black jeans preferably and straight cuts.
  • Choose high-waisted jeans.
  • Wear boyfriend jeans, flare jeans.


What top with an A morphology?

Treat yourself by choosing your tops:colors, prints, various details (ornaments, sequins, rhinestones, embroidery, etc.).

Which skirt with an A morphology?

The ideal is to wear a short skirt that marks the waist when you have an A morphology . You can therefore easily choose one of the following cuts:

  • A-line skirt
  • Skater skirt
  • Straight-cut skirt

Prefer fluid and light materials. An airy and soft fabric rather than a leather or tweed skirt that marks the accent on the lower body.

Which dress with an A morphology?

Here's how to choose a dress with an A morphology :opt for a dress with a V-neckline to highlight your bust.

Some models will suit you perfectly:

  • A-line dresses
  • Short dresses
  • Flared dresses
  • Skater dresses
  • Baby doll dresses
  • Shirt dresses
  • High-waisted dresses

Which swimsuit with an A morphology?

Be sure to choose a swimsuit adapted to the morphology in A .

Being thinner at the top than at the bottom of the body, you will have to give an impression of volume at the level of the upper body.

For this, prefer push-ups , triangles or two-piece swimsuits with ruffles, frills or prints.

A very simple technique to highlight the chest is to choose a mismatched two-piece swimsuit with a marked color or print for your swimsuit top and bottom. neutral color.

For the bottom of your swimsuit, immediately forget panties or shorties with too wide an elastic band. Prefer high-cut, thin panties to slim your thighs and hips.

Which coat with an A morphology?

Bet on elegant cuts that will bring volume to the upper body.

  • Straight coats
  • 3/4 cut or long coats to emphasize the slender appearance and break the shape of the thighs and buttocks.
  • Coats with shoulder pads
  • Cinched and fitted cuts

Mistakes to avoid with a morphology in A:

  • Don't wear horizontal stripes
  • Forget skinny or ultra-tight pants
  • Don't wear skirts that are too tight
  • Avoid bubble skirts.
  • Avoid tube skirts.
  • Beware of flat shoes that do not lengthen the silhouette.
  • Ban off jackets, blazers and short coats from your wardrobe.