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Vintage, trendier than ever!

In 2016, only 35% of women in France considered wearing vintage. Today, more than 60% of French women have taken the plunge. Because fashion is an eternal renewal , today's women and men dress like their ancestors did, and even steal their objects for decoration.

In 2020, we talk vintage, we breathe vintage, we live vintage.

A story of History

For some, the vintage it is the fantasy of an era that we will never know. It's the desire to wear an object that has a history, a story, a past . Wearing vintage also means wearing a piece of clothing or an accessory that will be unique. And that goes for 18 years old in the playground, 28 years old in her wedding dress, or 35 years old for her daily outings.

To display a vintage style this year, puff sleeves, XXL tuxedo jackets and high-waisted pants are in fashion. You will appreciate buttoned skirts, prints or fringed bags. But in order not to fall into exaggeration, the best thing is still to accompany your vintage piece with a modern piece . How about flare pants with a classic white t-shirt? Otherwise a denim skirt with high heeled boots. We just have one thing to tell you:have fun!

Dressing vintage is trendy

On red carpets and runways, wearing vintage is super trendy . Our parents and grandparents are surprised, but it is the fashion of past decades that now attracts new generations. Today they are pieces from the 60s to the 90s found in closets. Clothing and accessories flecked in attics or thrift shops . But also bought in vintage shop.

Second-hand, to do good for all

Over the past few years, online resale platforms have exploded . Le bon coin, Vinted, Vestiaire Collective, … there are countless second-hand sites. The prices are low for items that are sometimes of high quality. And that, consumers love . For their wallet, on the one hand. But even better, many of them are today motivated by a real ecological conscience . Why buy new if I can salvage unique and ultra-stylish second-hand pieces?

Our advice for buying vintage

That's it, you've decided, tomorrow you'll buy your first vintage pieces . Yes, but be careful. Because there is the real vintage, namely pieces dating from previous decades. And the vintage style, i.e. new pieces, imitating the codes of past years. It's up to you! If you want real vintage or antique, first, you have to scrutinize the labels. Because if today many of us cut them as soon as we got home, 30 years ago few did. We also think about looking at the zips, pockets and materials. Not all of them existed in 1930. And if you do your shopping on the internet from an individual, then you ask for photos. Lots of photos, with lots of detail.

Once the feet in the thrift store and a few items in hand, above all, we go to the cabin and try. A size S yesterday will probably not be the same size S as today . And then we check the quality of the dress we decided to ship:no stains, holes or other small defects. Otherwise we negotiate the price. Yes yes, negotiation is allowed in thrift shops.

Last tip, if you go antiquing, keep an open mind . Opt for classic or easy-to-match pieces if this is a first for you. And don't miss the accessories. They are the ones who make the difference in an outfit.

Vintage decor, never outdated and more trendy than ever!

Don't tell us you never packed in your great-grandmother's old armchairs, your uncle's wooden table and your granddaughter's toy chest -dad ? Today, fashion is recovery , to rehabilitation and assembly. Because having one or more period pieces at home gives a soul to the place . Even cachet, sometimes. But to make a success of your vintage decoration, be careful not to fall into bad taste or excess.

Our advice for a successful decoration with old

Wooden furniture fits almost anywhere. Got an old oak table with the matching bench? They will go perfectly in a large dining room with light walls. Rattan chairs in the living room. Aunt Clothilde's old golden mirror, in the hallway, for a chic bohemian style. And vinyl records from your childhood will brilliantly decorate the colorful walls of your little one's room.

We are also thinking of putting an industrial light fixture in the kitchen. And take out the mismatched old dishes for the next guests. The worn wooden stepladder will go straight into the bathroom and will now serve as a towel rack.

And if you have neither the desire nor the courage to bargain hunt in attics and flea markets , go to furniture and decoration stores. Certainly, the sentimental and monetary value of your new objects will be reduced. But on the side of the guests, it's guaranteed success!