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Brunettes more attractive than blondes

Brunettes more attractive than blondes

Blondes have more fun? Not so. Research from the University of Westminster shows that men find brunettes more attractive than blondes.

Blonde, brown and red
For the study, the researchers sent a woman to three different nightclubs in London. She dyed her hair a different color for each club (blonde, brown and red). Then the researchers went to the clubs themselves and asked 130 men to rate the woman's appearance based on three different photos with three different hair colors

What turned out? The woman as a blonde was the most popular, but was considered to be the most attractive and the most intelligent as a brunette † As a blonde, the woman was addressed sixty times, compared to forty-two times as a brunette. As redhead she was tapped on the shoulder "only" eighteen times.

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The conclusion
According to the researchers, men see blonde women a greater chance of ending up between the sheets. They get quickly intimidated by a brunette and think that women with brown manes are more likely to have a rejection or an aggressive reaction.