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Matte skin:how to give it radiance?

Do you have matte skin? Lucky girl! You make many people envious, with this pretty tanned skin all year long. Whether your skin is in caramel, coffee or olive tones, there are many ways to sublimate it! How to take care of your dull skin, how to make it up and what colors to wear every day to highlight it? Here are Veld's tips!

How to take care of dull skin?

Moisturize it daily to reveal its radiance

If matte skin allows you to enjoy a tanned complexion all year round, beware, it can also look sad when it is not hydrated daily! Indeed, hydration is essential for the health of the skin:it keeps it young , bounce , sublimates the complexion, and protects it from external aggressions . After cleansing your skin, moisturize it morning and evening with the Pure Pulp Neo gel:it is ideal for restoring radiance to your pretty matte skin.

Tanning with dark skin… yes, but with care!

The idea that dark skin can tan without protecting yourself from the sun is very widespread… and yet false. Concretely, tanning is a reaction of the skin to protect itself from UV rays :it creates melanin, which will darken the skin. Dark skin naturally has a higher concentration of melanin than fair skin, which makes it a little more resistant to UV rays, but only a little...!

Throughout the summer, use a cream with SPF 30 at least, for the body as for the face. Protecting yourself from the sun will allow you to prevent sunburn, but also to preserve your skin from premature skin aging:and yes, the sun is the first cause of skin aging.

Fight against pigment spots

Dark skins have a real chance:they are a little less prone to wrinkles than fair skins. However, they encounter another problem with age:the appearance of pigment spots. They often find a place on the cheekbones, neckline, hands. They are quite benign, but they can create aesthetic discomfort. Your weapon against pigment spots? A face and body scrub once or twice a week (depending on the sensitivity of your skin) followed by good hydration.

Making up matte skin:tips for enhancing it

Find the perfect foundation for your skin tone

Using the term “dark skin” actually covers many different shades . It can sometimes be difficult to find the foundation reference that suits your skin perfectly! If you have slightly matte skin, we talk about an olive tint. Beware of foundations that turn yellow, which can make you look bad! If you have coffee or black skin, be careful not to choose a shade that is too light :this can quickly give you a gray complexion.

Do not hesitate to turn to specialized makeup brands for dark skin, to ask for advice, and to test directly in store. A little Veld's advice? Test foundation on your jawline rather than the back of your hand, which is lighter than your face.

Bring light and color!

To make up matte skin and sublimate its hue, do not hesitate to play with the contrast! Bring light into your make-up, especially when you make up your eyes. Opt for iridescent eye shadows, in warm tones:beige, gold, rosewood... Don't forget to apply black eyeliner or kohl along the eyelashes , to give even more depth to the look.

Second step to make up matte skin with luminosity:blush! Depending on your skin tone, a pretty pink or orange blush can bring out the full radiance of your complexion. For those who like sophisticated make-up, you can even add a touch of highlighter to the top of the cheekbones.

Hair color and dull skin:which shade to choose?

Do you want to change your look, but you don't know what hair color goes with your dark skin? If you have relatively fair skin, rather olive, you can do a chestnut balayage , even dark blond , to bring light to your hair. If you have coffee or caramel skin, a beautiful raven black can create a nice contrast to enhance your skin. This is even more true for those with light eyes:dark hair will make your eyes stand out perfectly!

Finally, for the darkest skin tones, and especially for those with brown eyes, turn to warm shades :a mahogany, a chestnut with copper reflections, or a dark golden blond. Be careful, if you have naturally brown or even black hair, avoid blond, because it will quickly turn yellow on your hair type.

Clothing color for dark skin:what suits your complexion?

To sublimate your matte skin on a daily basis, you still have to find the colors that suit your complexion ! For those with an olive complexion, it is the rather autumnal colors that highlight your complexion:rust, khaki, mustard yellow, camel, and gold.

For those with coffee or caramel skin, don't hesitate to wear bright colors :a fuchsia pink, a Klein blue, a purple, or a beautiful lemon yellow will illuminate your complexion! The right color of clothes for a dark or even black skin tone is a warm and sharp color :a bright yellow, a luminous orange, a beautiful red-orange. Finally, a safe bet that always works for all dark skin types:off-white. By contrast, it sublimates the golden and chocolate reflections of dark skin, while preserving the warmth they give off.