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Itchy skin:how to soothe it?

Tingling, tightness, redness and itchy skin:these are sensations you know only too well! Several factors can cause itching and redness in the face. Do not panic, there are also good actions to adopt to find a soft and soothed skin. Here are Veld's tips.

Itching, redness of the face:why do we have itchy skin?

Lately, your skin has been feeling particularly uncomfortable:it feels tight, itchy, sometimes even causing slight burning sensations. In addition to these unpleasant symptoms, there is often redness on the face, resulting from inflammation of the skin tissue. The key:a skin that is neither very comfortable nor very aesthetic. But what causes this redness and itching on the face ? This can be due to several factors:

  • Natural hypersensitive skin
  • A skincare routine that is too aggressive for the skin
  • A consequence of menopause, which often dries out the skin
  • A natural reaction of the skin to seasonal changes
  • A skin condition, such as rosacea, psoriasis, or eczema

In the case of a skin pathology, follow-up with a dermatologist may be essential. He will be able to direct you towards the most suitable treatment to gain comfort. To soothe facial redness and itching related to other causes, good actions can be put in place.

How to relieve facial redness and itching?

Reduce itching

First step if you have redness and itching on your face:do not scratch ! The more you scratch, the worse the phenomenon will get, and eventually, you risk damaging the skin and leaving scars. To limit itching, pay attention to the materials of your clothes . Synthetic or too rough materials can be very aggressive for the skin. Avoid overheated places or over-covering yourself, as the heat and perspiration can increase the itching.

Gently cleanse the skin

Cleansing your skin daily is essential to prevent redness and itching. On the other hand, soap-based cleansers should be avoided, as they attack sensitive skin. Choose a cleansing oil, ideal for removing impurities, while respecting the hydrolipidic film . Be careful, when you cleanse your skin, use warm or cold water! Hot water will dry out the skin further and make the itching worse. To dry your skin, pat it gently with a towel, do not rub .

Treat yourself to soothing and comforting treatments

Itchy skin is often a sign of dry skin . To limit redness and itching, it is necessary to offer comforting care, rich in lipids and water . Every day, apply a deep moisturizing cream to strengthen the skin's hydrolipidic film and restore comfort. You can put your cream in the refrigerator, the cooling effect will soothe the itching as soon as it is applied!

Another interesting treatment to fight against itchy skin :the moisturizing face mask. A treatment concentrated in moisturizing and nourishing active ingredients, ideal for restoring the skin's balance when it becomes too uncomfortable.

Take care of yourself!

When you have sensitive and reactive skin, many factors can trigger itching and redness. Thus, a lack of sleep, a stressful period, a particularly inflammatory diet, or exposure to UV rays, can make the skin very uncomfortable. Make time for yourself take care of yourself, with a healthy lifestyle:good nights sleep, healthy stress management, and a balanced diet rich in hydration are the key to restoring comfort to your skin. Of course, also think about sun protection as soon as the weather requires it.