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Forehead wrinkles:how to reduce them?

They sit proudly on your face, to your great despair:forehead wrinkles affect many of us. Particularly visible, they also have the luxury of being among the expression lines that appear the earliest. How do they appear? Is it possible to remove forehead wrinkles? Here are our tips for reducing forehead wrinkles.

Forehead wrinkles:where do they come from?

Forehead wrinkles are part of the famous expression lines. These wrinkles that we owe to our everyday expressions, to the pouts that we particularly like to make. And on the side of the forehead, it's a real festival:we squint, we raise our eyebrows, we frown, all without realizing it, and hundreds of times a day. Results ? Forehead wrinkles gradually deepen and appear in two forms:the frown line, and the horizontal wrinkle.

The lion's wrinkle forms between the two eyebrows, on the lower forehead. You can then observe two small vertical lines on this area, which give a severe and tired look. At the origin of this wrinkle? Frowning, but also squinting.

The horizontal forehead wrinkle it is drawn over the entire width of the forehead, in a pretty, neat line. If at first it is a single wrinkle, it is often joined by several of her friends, which gives a series of horizontal wrinkles on the forehead. In question, the fact of raising the eyebrows, when one is surprised, or when one puts on makeup, which wrinkles the skin of the forehead.

The first cause of expression lines is of course, our expressions. However, the environment in which we live, our care habits and our lifestyle can contribute to accelerate their appearance. Let's now discover some tips to prevent the appearance of new forehead wrinkles, and to reduce forehead wrinkles already installed.

How to reduce forehead wrinkles?

Powerful anti-wrinkle active ingredients

To erase wrinkles on the forehead, it is above all necessary to choose treatments with effective active ingredients against wrinkles. A real star in the field, Vernonia Appendiculata is a plant from Madagascar, containing an oil with incredible anti-wrinkle properties . That's why we put it in the spotlight in our Age Killer skincare range. Another very interesting active ingredient for removing forehead wrinkles:Centella Asiatica, star active ingredient in our Pure Pulp range, which restores the original beauty of the skin.

A gentle and targeted beauty routine

To reduce forehead wrinkles, choosing the right active ingredients is essential, but using them in the right way is just as important. Apply your anti-wrinkle balm every day, morning and evening, on clean, dry skin. Apply it gently, from the center of the face outwards , without pressing and without rubbing:softness and the key. The regularity of care is also crucial to fight against expression lines:hydrated skin is skin protected against the factors responsible for skin aging (pollution, stress, dry or humid environment, etc.). Finally, in winter as in summer, remember to protect yourself from the sun , first responsible for the appearance of wrinkles!

Facial gymnastics and self-massage to remove forehead wrinkles

In addition to an anti-aging beauty routine, consider facial gymnastics and self-massage to reduce forehead wrinkles. 5 to 10 minutes of anti-aging exercises every day can be enough to achieve surprising results. The goal ? Smooth forehead wrinkles , relaxing micro-contractions and strengthening the muscles that support the skin.

Perform these exercises always after applying your moisturizer or anti-wrinkle cream, so as not to risk wrinkling the skin. To start, you can try the exercises presented in our article “Lion frown:how to reduce it”. To go further, the Net is full of tutorials around facial gymnastics and facial yoga, and there are also many dedicated method books.

Spot expressions that deepen forehead wrinkles

To reduce forehead wrinkles, become aware of the expressions that run through your face, and try to limit those that deepen forehead wrinkles. Of course, you are not asked to remain impassive all day, it would be impossible, and it would be sorely unnatural. But you can, for example, avoid raising your eyebrows to apply your mascara , by simply tilting the head back. Or, be careful not to wince when you apply your lipstick or moisturizer.

Take care of your lifestyle

Among those responsible for forehead wrinkles, and expression lines in general, I ask:stress, fatigue, poor diet . To preserve the beauty of your skin and fill in wrinkles, try to take care of your lifestyle. Good stress management, as well as sufficient nights of sleep, will limit the appearance of new wrinkles, and not deepen existing ones. An unbalanced diet also damages the health of the skin:foods rich in water , antioxidants and vitamins, will allow you to revitalize your skin.