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Expression lines:how to reduce them?

They are decked out with pretty nicknames:crow’s feet, frown lines, sun pleats… But expression wrinkles are nonetheless the obsession of many women. Do you want to prevent or reduce expression lines? Veld's explains everything!

What are expression lines?

Expression lines are the very first indicators of skin aging. They are dug by the repetitive contractions of certain facial muscles particularly stressed (called "skin muscles"). They form small, shallow, linear furrows visible to the naked eye... and that's the problem!

The appearance of wrinkles is gradual and generally begins around the age of 30. On still young skin, they only appear during facial expressions (a smile or a frown, for example) and tend to grow deeper with age, remaining apparent even when the muscles are at rest. It is often between these two phases that everything will be decided!

What are the different types of expression lines?

Wrinkles around the eyes

They are best known by their sweet nickname of “crow’s feet wrinkles ". They are due to the recurrent contraction of the muscle orbicularis of the eye :it is thanks to him that you can close your eyelids and blink your eyes. This shows how much it is in demand!

These expression wrinkles are often the first to take up residence on your face:they are recognized by their fan shape which starts from the outer corner of the eye. Fortunately, they come with a consolation prize:some find them exquisitely charming.

Expression lines on the forehead

Pouting, concentrating, expressing astonishment during a conversation... So many small daily and almost unconscious actions that put a strain on the frontal muscle ! By dint of contracting for a yes or a no, it precipitates the formation of horizontal expression lines that run along the forehead. They are also known to appear early on the face .

Wrinkles between the eyebrows

After the "crow's feet", we ask... "the lion's wrinkle"! This expression line is particularly feared by women. Its vertical and horizontal implantation between the eyebrows, just at the root of the nose, permanently gives the face an upset and tired look .

Whose fault is it ? There are two responsible for the price of one:the superciliary muscle (nicknamed the “muscle of sadness”, quite a program!) and the pyramidal muscle of the nose, both involved in frowning.

Smile expression lines

Yes, even laughing and smiling can cause wrinkles … Also called “nasolabial folds” or “sun wrinkles”, these small expression lines start from the sides of the nose and go down to the outer corners of the mouth. Over time, they are usually accompanied by parallel “barcode” wrinkles that smear all around the lips. In question:the contractions of the orbicular muscle of the mouth , which notably handles facial expressions, sucking phenomena… and kisses!

How do expression lines appear?

Expression lines are an integral part of the skin aging process. In other words, they are inevitable . They originate in the dermis, located just below the outer layer of the skin (the epidermis).

With age, the skin sees its levels of collagen and elastin drop heavily . Deprived of the integrity of its framework, the skin relaxes and struggles to resist the contractions induced by the skin muscles. This is where expression lines develop. .

How to reduce expression lines?

The secret to erasing expression lines:regularity

Once the wrinkles have set in, getting them out of the way is no small feat. As such, the most effective action remains (and will always remain) prevention . However, it is possible to see a reduction in wrinkles by adopting a few reflexes. And without a scalpel.

Whether you are in prevention or shock treatment, your best weapon will be regularity. Unfortunately, we cannot get rid of wrinkles and fine lines overnight:only the daily repetition of the right gestures will allow you to obtain, in the long term, the desired results.

Perform facial massages

Anti-aging facial massages are valuable allies for stimulating the skin and preserving its youthfulness. Practiced daily according to the rules of the art, they have a true anti-aging action and contribute to considerably reduce expression lines.

Use a rich cream as a massage base, like our must-have Age Commando Anti-Wrinkle Face Balm . Remember:your movements should be perpendicular to the wrinkle and follow the direction of the muscle. Otherwise, you'll only be digging it deeper.

Apply anti-wrinkle care

Do your expression wrinkles make you complex? Treat yourself to a 100% anti-aging moisturizing routine ! To erase forehead lines, smile lines and their peers, choose a cream rich in anti-aging agents that will stimulate protein synthesis and help fill in wrinkles.

Our Age Killer anti-aging treatment is ideal for intensely hydrating and firming your skin. For even more effectiveness, pair it with the face serum from the same range.

As for your crow's feet and frown lines, they deserve a specific product:the Eye Magic eye contour lifting treatment will take care of lifting them gently!

Escape the sun… or protect yourself from it

If you still doubt that the sun is your skin's number one enemy, here's a big argument:the sun accentuates expression lines . So, to prevent unwanted furrows and avoid accentuating those that are already installed, think “sun protection”!

To protect your skin, Veld's recommends Flash Protect:an all-in-one tinted treatment that forms an anti-UV shield on the surface of the skin and blurs irregularities. Its light, long-lasting texture melts into the skin with a velvety finish, without migrating into the folds.

Relax (yes!)

We don't think about it enough, but stress plays a leading role in skin aging . Not only because it participates in the vicious circle of oxidative stress, but also because it causes continuous muscle contractions, including in the face.

Admittedly, our rushed lives only offer us rare moments of respite. But for you, for your skin and – above all – for your health, allow yourself to take a break from time to time:breathe, be aware of your tensions …and release the pressure.