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Be naturally irresistible in April!

The Spring takes place in our lives as well as its conditions . The awakening nature, the sun which regains more and more radiance as well as the temperature which rises slowly but surely. These are the ingredients of our new daily life . In fullseasonal transition , we must adapt to these upheavals .

How to take good care of our skin in spring?

The cold is finally leaving us. Gone are the days of dozens of layers of sweaters to keep warm. From now on, a little break from very moisturizing products, essential for winter. The needs of our skin are changing and it is necessary to adapt to them. This undeniable and inevitable phenomenon is presented in the article 5 signs that prove that you have to change your beauty routine. To cope with this constant evolution , we can adjust our gestures, rituals and treatments.

During the winter, moisturizers were a priority to fight against winter skin dryness. Now, as the weather gradually warms up, hydration can be moderate. The new major parameter being the return of sunny weather . A life-saving phenomenon for nature in full spring rebirth since March. However, our skin, accustomed to winter cold, must adapt little by little to spring conditions . It is essential toprepare our skin for the return of the sun and in a few months in the summer. To do this, we must prioritize purifying and detoxifying treatments :exfoliation, purifying treatments, up to the peel off mask.

In addition to preparing our skin for the arrival of high temperatures , we must not forget to prepare it to take advantage of these conditions. Therefore, there is no hesitation about sun protection, moisturizer, even a light make-up to refresh the complexion.

Our spring beauty routine

Prepare but above all enjoy, these are the key words of our spring beauty routine for this month of April . Prepare our skin for sunny days for a flawless complexion .

The organic radiance serum from the L&You range is perfect for hydrating and detoxifying the complexion . Enriched with organic aloe vera, hyaluronic acid and sweet almond oil, it protects, hydrates and illuminates the face. Its rich composition also gives it nourishing properties. Apply once a day to perfectly cleansed face and neck, it will beautify us for the whole spring.

For an even more flawless complexion, you have to take care of the eye contour area . We recommend the pretentious roll on from the brand Olala! French cosmetics. Enriched with hyaluronic acid and several organic floral waters, this treatment gently smoothes and hydrates the eye contour. Thanks to its roll on format with the sliding ball, it is easy to apply while allowing a micro-massage.

Now that clothes are getting lighter and lighter, our bodies need more proper care. To hydrate and revitalize our skin for spring, we recommend the happycuriennes organic moisturizing body cream. Rich in various active ingredients, in particular from various Aquitaine flowers, this natural product deeply protects and nourishes the skin.

One last touch to be naturally irresistible:the black organic eye contour pencil by Couleur Caramel. This pencil intensifies the look as much as it is easy to apply. With its pigmentation and texture, it will accompany all makeup styles.

All these wonderful treatments are available in our April box called:simply irresistible.