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Eyelash care and open eyes

Every day, we take care of our skin, our hair... And why not our eyelashes? Often solicited with daily makeup, long wear that we wear every day, we must give them some care. And yet, there are some fairly simple tips to follow to take care of them and strengthen them.

Remove makeup

We will agree that this advice goes without saying, removing make-up is an essential step in taking care of our skin. And this in order to let it breathe after hours under a layer of make-up or mask. Unfortunately, this ritual is still little performed effectively. We often wake up with mascara residue.

You really have to take the time to remove make-up well at night, with very gentle products that respect this sensitive area. Make-up remover oils are preferred, softer and allow you to take off make-up without rubbing with a cotton pad. Natural plant oils such as hemp or coconut oil can effectively remove stubborn makeup.

Feed them

Thanks to their nourishing properties, oils are products capable of accelerating the growth of eyelashes and limiting their breakage. Among the most used:castor oil, olive oil, sweet almond oil, avocado oil...

You can mix them up or just use one, depending on your preference. Apply a few drops to your eyelashes every night before going to sleep, massage gently to make it penetrate, but without the oil getting into the eyes, and let the product act overnight. This treatment strengthens the eyelashes by nourishing them in depth.

You can prepare your homemade oil and apply it with a brush from an old mascara that you have cleaned with hot water.

The importance of food

As with every part of our anatomy, it is recommended to have a good diet to help strengthen eyelashes, that's why it's important to add magnesium, zinc and vitamin B6 to your diet, which can be found in liver, fish, bananas, dried beans, in wholemeal flours and in other fruits and vegetables.

Mascara choice

Obviously, the choice of mascara is important. When it comes to organic make-up, there are some nuggets, including Boho Green Make Up's Intense Black Natural Volume Mascara . This Vegan Black Volume Mascara contains 99.96% ingredients of natural origin. Its formula based on Carnauba Wax and flaxseed enhances the look and protects the eyelashes. It contains an anti-clump volumizing brush to curl and lengthen lashes.