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Anti-aging beauty routine:the right anti-wrinkle gestures

Over the years, our skin evolves and loses elasticity, to reveal the signs of aging. Do you scrutinize your face in front of the mirror, anxious to see new wrinkles appear? Do not panic, with a good beauty routine, it is quite possible to preserve the beauty of the skin and prevent the signs of aging. Here are Veld's anti-aging secrets.

Anti-aging:where to start?

Before embarking on a hunt for skin aging, you must first understand the process that causes your skin to evolve, the factors involved, in order to respond with appropriate solutions. We must also accept that skin tissue evolves throughout our lives , and that wrinkles are not inevitable and do not make us less beautiful:there is nothing natural behind perfectly smooth and rounded skin at 60!

When we talk about skin aging, two proteins often come up:collagen and elastin . The first ensures the firmness of the skin, its good hold, and the second ensures its elasticity and suppleness. Each year, the skin naturally produces less collagen and elastin. This is why wrinkles deepen, bags under the eyes intensify, and the skin sags. This natural aging will be more or less accelerated by our lifestyles.

For example, people living in a polluted environment, or working outdoors, will have every chance of experiencing premature skin aging, due to UV rays and pollutants. Likewise, for people who take little or no care of their skin:if the beauty routine is non-existent or unsuitable, and the skin is not cared for properly, it will mark more quickly.

The perfect anti-aging beauty routine

To preserve your skin from aging and adopt an anti-aging beauty routine , it is therefore necessary to protect your skin from external aggressions, to moisturize it, and to treat its specific problems with appropriate care. You can do all this in 4 steps.

1. Rid the skin of daily impurities

The first essential step in any anti-aging routine is to cleanse the skin! On a daily basis, the skin endures make-up, perspiration, dust, pollutants, all day long. If you don't get rid of all that to give it some down time during the night, it becomes irritated, dries up or on the contrary, fat, and the signs of aging are more visible.

So cleanse your skin with a gentle cleanser morning and evening , and remember to exfoliate it regularly, to clear the way and let your skin breathe!

2. Adopt a targeted anti-aging serum

Once your skin is clean, it should be given the hydration and nutrition it needs. But before moving on to the anti-aging cream, bet on a serum! With a more concentrated formula than a cream, the anti-aging serum acts effectively and deeply on wrinkles, sagging skin and pigment spots . So apply your serum to clean, dry skin, allow 5 minutes for the product to penetrate, before applying your daily cream.

To fight against skin aging, Veld's offers you two serums perfect for mature skin:the Age Killer lifting serum, and the Age 2 deep hydration anti-aging serum. O.

3. Find the perfect anti-aging cream

Once the serum has absorbed into the skin, it's time to apply your moisturizer! On a daily basis, the skin needs to be nourished and hydrated:this is what strengthens the hydrolipidic film, your skin shield against external aggressions.

A good moisturizer is a cream adapted to your skin type :if your skin tends to be dry, it must contain lipids; if you have oily skin, a lighter formula will work best. Above all, when the signs of aging begin to appear, it is essential to switch to an anti-aging cream, more suited to the needs of mature skin.

At Veld's, we've designed three innovative formulas to fight the signs of aging:Age 2 Moisturizing Cream O, Age Killer Lifting Anti-Aging Cream, and Age Commando Anti-Wrinkle Face Balm.

4. Treat the areas most prone to wrinkles

To finalize your anti-aging beauty routine, you should pay special attention to the areas most prone to wrinkles , and in particular to expression wrinkles:the eye contour and the mouth contour.

The different expressions that run through our face, make-up, rubbing… These areas are particularly stressed on a daily basis. In addition, the skin around the eyes is very thin, and tends to wrinkle easily.

Morning and evening, remember to apply an eye contour and lip contour treatment after your moisturizer. Our Eye Magic eye contour treatment is applied using a brush to deposit the product without damaging the skin, and activate micro-circulation. It comes in three formulas:anti-wrinkle, concealer and anti-puffiness, or lifting.