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9 ways to use your Shea Butter!

Shea butter is a vegetable butter, made from Shea nuts. Body, hair, hands and face:Shea butter is one of the simplest cosmetic active ingredients to use and above all the most effective. Known for its properties as a moisturizer and softener of the skin, it is used in the composition of many cosmetic products.

Shea butter is made using an ancestral manufacturing process:fruit picking, seed crushing, filtering and potting. Shea Butter is used by taking a small amount of product and letting it warm in the palm of your palm. Butter under the effect of heat is slowly transformed into oil.

Rich in vitamins A, E, F and essential fatty acids, you can use this treatment daily to take care of yourself. To help you, here are our tips for using shea butter:

#1 In body and face care:

Shea butter protects the epidermis, maintains elasticity, moisturizes and protects the skin. To make your skin benefit from it, all you have to do is melt a knob of butter in the palm of your palm. You can apply it directly to the areas to be treated. To fully penetrate the product, we recommend doing circular massages.

#2 In protective care:

Shea butter repairs the skin in case of sunburn. During the winter, it moisturizes your skin to protect you from cold bites and prevents drying out. In addition, it speeds up healing. This product must be taken with you on vacation or skiing.

#3 In hair care:

Dry and dull hair will love this treatment. It acts in depth to replenish hydration and nutrition. You can apply Shea butter to your ends, or in an oil bath for the whole night to allow the keratin in your hair to absorb it.

#4 To relieve irritation:

Effective for cracked heels, rough hands, lips and elbows.

We recommend that you avoid melting this butter in the microwave, which would remove some of these properties. The palms of the hands are

Shea butter can also be used as a lip balm. It is also ideal for relieving chapped noses in winter (colds / allergies, etc.)

#5 After hair removal:

Shea relieves the skin thanks to its soothing, restorative and softening properties. It will moisturize and soften your skin after using the razor, electric epilator or wax.

#6 During pregnancy:

This treatment is an anti-stretch mark par excellence, like sweet almond oil. Apply to areas prone to stretch marks:belly, thighs... It prevents stretch marks or reduces them depending on the case. It will take care of your skin and stimulate regeneration.

#7 For Babies:

Natural shea butter can be used on the fragile skin of infants/babies without moderation, especially on the irritated buttocks of our toddlers.

#8 Stay hydrated in the bath:

Problem with dry skin? Add a few knobs of butter to the hot bath water. Relaxation, well-being and hydration will be there. Your skin will be nourished and regain all its softness.

#9 For the aftershave:

Shea butter is an excellent after-shave for men who want to use natural care. As for our sensitized areas during hair removal, this treatment will soothe the skin irritated by the razor burn of our men.

You have understood it, Shea butter is a treatment to always have at home. Useful for every day, it is to be used without moderation. Find pure 100% natural Shea butter from the Karité Paris institute in our Winter Sweetness box.

Take care of yourself, you are Beautiful au Naturel!