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How about switching to solid shampoos?

Many over-packaged beauty products have zero waste substitutes were set up. They are slowly becoming part of our daily lives:bioplastic toothbrushes with refillable heads, solid cosmetics , reusable make-up remover squares...All these alternatives allow for more responsible consumption . Solutions that respect the environment without limiting the comfort to which we are accustomed.

Hair products are no exception to this eco-friendly initiative. More specifically, one trend has stood out:that of solid shampoos . Practical, ecological and effective, solid shampoos are the new flagship products of ethical and organic French cosmetics .

Solid cosmetics

Ecology and environmental protection is everyone's business. organic and natural cosmetics follow this trend closely. The players in this field strive to make their products as eco-responsible as possible. Abolition of over-packaging, adoption of natural ingredients if possible biosourced, partnership with ethical associations… a multitude of options are available to these stakeholders in responsible cosmetology .

From these different eco-responsible approaches, a revolutionary fashion has emerged:that of solid and natural cosmetics. Cold saponified organic body care, solid natural hair products, all stem from the same precept:that of the solidification of care.

This new shape is a source of many benefits, both for nature and for consumers. For nature, prioritizing organic solid cosmetics can significantly reduce over-packaging and/or the use of plastic bottles. For users, the benefits are even greater because these treatments are much more economical to use and guarantee healthier and more natural products for consumers. A good point for those with sensitive skin or skin hypersensitivity. Our best recommendations to solve the ailments of sensitive skin are in the article:3 tips to soothe our skin.

Solid hair care products

Hair care obviously follows this trend of solid organic cosmetics. Solid shampoos are gradually replacing those in plastic bottles in bathrooms. In addition to their ecological side, they are also very economical . On average, solid shampoos hold up to more than 80 washes , i.e. 3 times more than those in the bottle.

In addition to this cost-effective side in terms of purchase and duration, natural solid shampoos are at least as effective as conventional shampoos.

They foam little, a characteristic due to less surfactant in their formulation. The surfactant is the cleaning agent generally present in soapy care. One of the properties of this agent is that it is an emulsifier:source of foam from industrialized shampoos. Although cleaning and effective, some surfactants, used by manufacturers, are unfortunately too aggressive. Solid shampoos have been designed with non-aggressive surfactants , they better preserve the skin and the hair fiber while guaranteeing optimal cleaning.

To test this concept, we provide you with our great discoveries in solid shampoo.

Nourishing, fortifying and delicately scented with cotton flower, this is Bélice organic solid shampoo for normal hair. Coconut oil and organic shea butter combine to form this summer morning with multiple virtues. Formulated without essential oils and without allergens, it is suitable for sensitive scalps.

Also discover the Argan Rhassoul solid shampoo from the Maison des Sultans. This treatment, as natural as it is effective, is enriched with argan oil , a nourishing, fortifying and repairing active ingredient for the hair mass. Argan will leave the hair nourished and hydrated while leaving it shiny and supple. The second active ingredient in this exceptional shampoo is rhassoul . Volcanic clay from Morocco, rhassoul is endowed with amazing purifying properties. In particular, it absorbs all impurities, guaranteeing a remarkable cleansing effect. Cold saponified, this shampoo preserves all the virtues of these active ingredients. It is available in the February BelleauNaturel box named “Tendre Romance”. Accompanied by 3 other essential treatments, this box will guarantee you a perfect beauty ritual for Valentine's Day.