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Sustainable development:3 reasons to make your solid shampoo

If solid shampoo is so popular, it's because it has many advantages. So why make your solid shampoo yourself?

An easy-to-craft solid cosmetic

One of the main advantages of solid shampoo is that you can make it at home. Indeed, you just need to have all the necessary equipment and follow a DIY solid shampoo recipe to achieve this. The essential ingredients for making this product are sodium cocoyl isethionate (SCI), coconut oil, vegetable glycerin, shikakai and water.

As for utensils, here's what you'll need:

  • a Dutch oven,
  • a container for a bain-marie,
  • a wooden spoon and spatula,
  • a mask,
  • silicone molds.

The first step in the preparation is to melt the SCI in a water bath using a small amount of water . Since IBS is very volatile, use the mask to protect yourself. Once the mixture becomes homogeneous, you must add the glycerin and the coconut oil. Mix everything to homogenize the mixture. Then add the shikakai and mix. If necessary, do not hesitate to supplement with a little water. By mixing properly, you will eventually get a paste. In a silicone mold, pack this dough and let it rest in the refrigerator for 20 minutes.

Once solidified, your shampoo will be ready to use. Remember to store it in a dry place after your shower.

DIY solid shampoo:an ecological and economical solution

Unlike other types of shampoo, solid shampoo does not produce any plastic waste. It thus represents an effective alternative to protect the planet from the pollution caused by plastic waste . Being a concentrated product, the solid shampoo does not need to be packed in a plastic bottle. It can easily be stored in paper or cardboard. By integrating the use of solid shampoo into your daily life, you contribute to the creation of a world without waste.

Solid shampoo, unlike liquid shampoo (which contains 70 to 80% water), consists of only a tiny amount of water. However, it manages to produce a healthy dose of cleansing foam. It can allow you to perform about 60 to 80 washes. For example, with a piece of 65 g, it is possible to wash your hair the same number of times as with 500 ml of liquid shampoo. Solid shampoo is therefore more economical. In addition, even if you wash your hair every day, the solid shampoo can last between 2 to 3 months . It therefore represents a very profitable option in the long term.

A very effective shampoo for the hair

Apart from these previous advantages, one of the main reasons why solid shampoo is increasingly used is its effectiveness. It allows your hair to be cleaner, less greasy and much silkier . Free of any aggressive ingredients, the solid shampoo has no adverse effects on the hair. It is therefore the perfect shampoo to keep your hair in good condition.