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January to enhance this new beginning

We're finally there. The bells rang well on the 31st at midnight. The schedule change has taken place. Wishes of happiness and prosperity rang out over the following days. The party was there just like this new year what is 2022.

At the start of the year, the entire BelleauNaturel team wishes you all a happy new year! May joy, cheerfulness and beautiful adventures accompany you throughout the months to come. Your support is the greatest gift of all. For that, we say thank you!

We invite you to discover our tips and tricks for this month of January. From wellness advice to the perfect beauty routine to start the year, here are our recommendations to enhance this new start!

A new year, a new beginning

After months of waiting for the end of the year, 2022 finally welcomes us with open arms. The galettes des rois are already invading the pastries, the decorations and Yule logs are gradually disappearing and the start of the new school year awaits us firmly.

So many changes prompt a self-rebirth . The weather, the seasons, the dates evolve, so why not follow the rhythm? It is surely time to improve . And nothing better for this purpose than to reinvent yourself at the start of the year. The traditional good resolutions come back to do this:more physical exercise, a better diet or adopting a healthier lifestyle... There are also completely natural initiatives such as:taking better care of yourself, accepting and loving yourself. . This will of course depend on our desires and our needs.

This beginning of the year will necessarily influence the months to come . As a result, we have many more reasons to make this month of January as pleasant as possible.

Our beauty routine to start the year off right

The cold is present as never before. The wind and icy breezes attack our skin continuously, hence the need for an adapted beauty routine. The priority in terms of care therefore remains:hydration .

Rich skin care

Day and night, moisturizing your skin is essential for this winter. Since the skin better absorbs the active ingredients of the products in the evening, a richer treatment will therefore be required. Esthetica Pure Nature's organic soothing night cream is perfect for this ritual. Composed of Sacha Inqi® Organic Oil, organic aloe vera and blackcurrant extract, this treatment deeply soothes, repairs and nourishes the skin. To accompany this daily hydration, we recommend a mask that is just as full of virtues. The Olala French Cosmetics organic face moisturizing mask is perfect for this. This creamy mask intensely nourishes the epidermis and is rich in organic baobab oil, organic argan oil and organic hyaluronic acid. Regenerating, soothing and antioxidant, treat yourself to a cocooning Sunday with this wonderful treatment!

As a daytime facial, Clairjoie's organic youth care balm promotes skin regeneration. Its formula combines argan and shea to intensely nourish in these cold weather. A dab is enough for the nourishing and moisturizing morning ritual. Whether for the face or for the whole body, mature and/or dry skin loves this product. If you prefer soft texture, we recommend Clarté Naturelle's organic anti-aging day cream. Moisturizing, softening, but also antioxidant, this triple action product will take care of your skin during the winter.

Weakened by the cold, we need to be gentler with our skin. This is why we adopt the carefree organic delicate body scrub. Les Happycuriennes recommends this gentle scrub with Périgord walnuts to gently exfoliate the skin. Rid of dead skin, you can coat yourself with an exceptional cocooning treatment such as pure 100% natural shea butter from Institut karité Paris. Rich in trace elements and free of additives, both skin and hair can benefit from this treatment in abundance.

Gentle hair care

Our hair also needs care during the winter. To take good care of it, here is a great discovery:organic solid shampoo with cotton flower from Bélice Cosmétique. Nourishing and fortifying, this summer morning shampoo leaves hair light, while allowing you to space out shampoos by regulating sebum production.

Last but not least, we recommend COULEUR CARAMEL's organic complexion-enhancing trio. For a perfect complexion at the start of the year, these gourmet shades will beautify the look and the complexion. With an easy-to-apply feel and texture, these illuminators and blush last all day to sublimate us.

Icing on this cake of good resolutions, the treatments are available in the box of the month named “winter softness” and on our eshop