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Beauty tip:how to apply lip liner?

Beauty tip:how to apply lip liner?

It is much easier to choose a lip color pencil than to use a darker color that will have to be blended.


  1. Start by choosing a color to match your lips or your lipstick. Outline the top line.
  2. Extend the line across the entire upper lip.
  3. Swipe the pencil all over the lower lip.
  4. Draw the line along the bottom lip.
  5. Fill in missed areas and blend.

Tips for a long-lasting lipstick

  • While there are lipsticks specially formulated to last a long time, most are really very dry. Here are some techniques to optimize the hold of classic lipsticks.
  1. Using a pencil the same color as your lips, draw the outline of the mouth and color the inside. This base allows you to fix the layer of lipstick applied on top.
  2. Use pencil over lipstick to create a protective barrier.
  3. Apply the lipstick in small strokes with your fingertips to better set the color.
  4. Set the lipstick by applying a veil of powder or blush on top.