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Beauty tip:Nivea Sun app

Beauty tip:Nivea Sun app

Holiday tip! For iPhone owners there is something useful from Nivea:the Nivea Sun Sun Pointer app.

With the Sun Dial from Nivea you can check on the map of the Netherlands exactly what protection you need against the sun that day. Via GPS you can type it in, among other things, the terrace or beach where you are. Your favorite locations can be saved as favorites , so that you can quickly check every day which protection is necessary.

Extra: the Sun Pointer can be set in such a way that the night before an expected high UV strength receives an alert.

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Protection Factor
That's not all; the Nivea Sun app also gives based on different skin types advice on the protection factor (SPF) and the best protection product for your skin type.

And, where most people go wrong, the Sun app indicates when it is wise to get out of the sun † Type in the location, your skin type and the protection factor used and the app starts calculating based on that. Once the time is up you will get an alert to look for the shadow

The Nivea Sun Sun Pointer is downloadable for free in the app store .