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Small zoom on organic sun protection

Hello biots,

Today I'm going to talk to you about sun protection. I see you coming:she is black, what is she talking about?

Imagine that I am not immune to sunburn. All I have to do is "forget" myself on a deckchair and a few days later I have a peeling forehead and nose. Not great!

Why use sunscreen?

Even if we love it, the sun can be dangerous. Beyond the sunburn that burns and peels, our skin risks:

  • premature aging
  • cancer.

It is therefore necessary to prevent UV (ultra violet) from passing through. This is the role of sun protection.

Skin aging (source

How to use sun protection?

It must be applied before exposure and renewed regularly, especially after swimming. Sun protection will not prevent you from tanning. If you can avoid playing toast exposing yourself between 12 p.m. and 4 p.m. is even better!

Which index to choose?

Depending on your skin type (very light to dark, sensitive or not), you must choose an appropriate index:

  • index 6 to 10:weak protection
  • index from 15 to 25:average protection
  • index from 30 to 50:high protection
  • index greater than 50:very high protection.

And me, what am I going to use?

I'm going to use the Annecy Cosmetics Organic SPF 30 Sun Spray that I got in the July Belle au naturel box. I did a little test on my hand:the pump bottle is practical, it is easy to apply and smells very good!