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My 100% ORGANIC hair routine

100% ORGANIC:my hair routine

Do you want to switch to organic and natural products...? But you ask how to adopt a green routine and especially why and for whom? I refer you to one of our previous articles to learn more.

What is my GREEN routine?

Products without silicones, sulphates, parabens... In other words, products without chemical components so 100% NATURAL, but not only !

What you need to know:adopting a green routine does not only require the use of products, but also leads to bad habits to break.

Before washing your hair

Depending on the appearance of your hair (dry, oily, normal), bathe in coconut oil for dry hair or a mask based on avocado oil (to be applied on ends and lengths only). Conversely, for hair that tends to be greasy, choose masks based on powders (possibly ghassoul) and essential oils (EO of lemon for oily hair or Ylang-ylang EO to smooth the hair for example).

Why Vegetable Oils and EOs:

- They protect your tips and lengths

- They feed in depth

- They are multi-purpose

In the shower

Opt for a shampoo or conditioner (solid or liquid) 100% ORGANIC always according to your hair. Hair rinsing, especially never shower with extremely hot water! Why ? Well because hot water, heat and steam promote the opening of the hair scales, hello frizz... So we wash our hair with lukewarm water and the last rinse with water rather cold (we make an effort girls, you have to suffer to be beautiful, remember...).

As for the conditioner, if your hair is rather fine and/or dry, we recommend a leave-in spray which will bring shine and lightness to your hair.


Before using any cosmetics to combat your hair issues, make sure it's not coming from your brush! Metal or plastic brushes, with synthetic bristles can cause you many problems like:break your hair, irritate the scalp, make it electric... I continue the list? But then which brush to choose? The ideal is to bring a wooden or boar bristle brush.

Perfect for gently massaging the scalp and therefore stimulating blood circulation and especially for victims of oily hair:REGULATE excess sebum.


When you get out of the shower, wrap your wet hair in a microfiber towel which it will absorb a large amount of water. Best to let them air dry...

For the hair dryer (one of the main enemies of the hair, but it's hard to part with it...) so we use it in another way. Above all, do not dry your hair at maximum temperature, we start with the temperature "in between", neither too hot nor too cold and always far from the hair to avoid opening the scales of the hair and looking like Agride (Harry Potter for those who don't know)! We finish as for rinsing with a cold air drying.

What to do after drying?


Yes we can, but straightening naturally (and eco-friendly) yes yes it is possible, say goodbye to heating devices girls, we have the "miracle" solution (you will thank us later haha). So yes, what can we straighten our hair with?

A kardoun:it is a long magic ribbon used by women in the Maghreb countries to straighten their hair. How it works ? Just watch this video by Naturally Lyla.

Green idea:it is possible to replace the kardoun with tights!