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100% organic and natural detanglers, your hair is already in love...

100% ORGANIC and natural detanglers,

your hair is

already in love...

Dry, dehydrated, unmanageable, whose fault is that? With scales of course because when the hair is damaged, weakened, the scales which cover it deviate, which pushes them to tangle... Do not worry, after reading this article, it will only be more than a bad memory!

You should know that summer is fast approaching and that the sun, primary enemy of hair when exposed to it too much, sea water , chlorine swimming pools and so on may weaken them more... Dull, fine, dry, frizzy, damaged, oily hair... This is unfortunately the problem of many of us... But then there is no such thing as healthy hair? Of course, but on one condition:to take care of it!

Indeed, it is a routine to be adopted by each of us to obtain dream hair... For this you will have to make concessions and be patient with your hair, because it needs time and above all to be pampered and in the right way!

First thing to do, banish from your bathroom all chemical cocktails and their marketing arguments:products, colorings, shampoos, treatments, chemical serums and on the contrary opt instead for products 100% organic and natural, because unlike conventional products, manufacturers of organic products choose to eliminate all chemical compositions.

After doing this, one thing girls need to know is to listen to your hair so you can give it what it needs

- If your hair is thin and en lack of luster, you will then have to choose a shampoo that is both nourishing and volumizing and turn to a conditioner in the form of spray with fruit acids which have an acidity level close to the PH of the hair. To put it simply, the hair will be protected from all impurities , andrevitalized by smoothing the scales.

Absolutely avoid:detanglers in cream form, which are too heavy.

- If your hair is frizzy and dry , they will appreciate the rather creamy treatments which must be left to act before rinsing thoroughly.


Real grandmother's recipe and 100% natural, rinse VINEGAR would make the hair softer and above all more shiny.
Then you will ask me why? Well it's very simple, vinegar has an acidity level close to the PH of the hair which will provide it with protection against all impurities (such as the fruit acids mentioned above) while revitalizing it and smoothing the scales. As for the smell, it's clear that we've seen better...

But luckily on the front page this week in our beauty box and health:the detangler from Centifolia leave-in enriched withraspberry vinegar , in aloe vera and with anti-limescale properties that promises shine and lightness! Take care of your hair... it will reward you!

At a Glance

- Shiny, supple and soft hair

- Lighter hair

- Full of vitality

- Brighter after multiple uses

- Its addictive raspberry scent

- 100% ORGANIC French product