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Concealer:how to achieve the perfect match?


achieve the perfect match?

Concealer, more often called camouflage ally, is indeed an essential element in your makeup bag, however it is only effective if you know how to use it! Luckily Belle au Naturel is there to help you apply your concealer but above all to choose the one that perfectly matches your complexion.

"What concealer to use for blemishes and redness?" », "Which concealer to choose for purple, brown circles?" »

Here are the questions that always come up. It is true that choosing the shade of your concealer is by far the crucial step because if you choose the wrong color, your dark circles will then be more accentuated.

Step 1:identify the color of your dark circles

- If your dark circles are brown, then choose a yellow shade

- If, on the contrary, your dark circles are purple, then choose a concealer in shades of orange

- If you're simply marked under the eyes, the trick to choosing the perfect shade is to choose a shade lighter than your natural complexion.

Step 2:Apply your concealer

Now that you've found the concealer you're the perfect pair with, there's one more important maneuver:APPLYING

Think first moisturize your skin with a cream (always organic and natural) adapted to your skin type (dry, oily, combination). Note that you must apply the concealer with a brush before applying the foundation starting from the inner corner to the outer corner and blend it with a bumper or a damp sponge, tapping to melt the layer of concealer and not to stretch it.

Step 3:where should I apply my concealer?

After applying your first camouflage ally, let's move on to the second:the CORRECTOR

First of all, you have to know once again what type of corrector it is should be applied to areas with imperfections (pimples, redness, etc.). Attention girls, this time it doesn't matter the color of your imperfections, the corrector for you is GREEN! Indeed, red and green are complementary colors and are the opposite of each other on the chromatic circle... In short and to put it simply, the two colors cancel and neutralize each other.

Application Tip:Using a precision brush, apply a light coat to each blemish. Tap with your bumper or sponge to blend the color and you're done!

Step 4:Apply foundation

Choose a foundation from the "concealer" range. The advantage is that it will be more pigmented than a classic foundation. A little extra, they are generally designed to limit the risk of allergies and irritation. And finally last step, apply your loose powder through the dark circles to fix the whole thing. Here you go girls, with these four steps be sure to have a flawless complexion!

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