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Where to start when getting into yoga?

Where to start when you

getting started in yoga?

Just Saturday, one of our editors went for her second yoga class. Hard hard she told us to work on her balance and flexibility while continuing to focus her attention so as not to cut her breath. But after the session, I felt more calm and de-stressed. And if you want to get into it, these are not the only benefits you will get.

Discover yoga

Yoga is a discipline that brings balance between body and mind. Among other things, it brings a certain benefit to people who are naturally anxious by helping them clear their minds. Muscle problems are also treated thanks to the many stretching poses that will give you relief. And then, for the most encrusted, it will make you gain in flexibility.
Start your first sessions with beginner classes because some poses are more difficult to hold than others and require endurance. But no need to force your body to achieve the exact pose or you risk doing more harm than good. You also have to know how to go about it gently and listen to it.
Once you get the hang of it, you can steer yourself towards whatever form you like best, as it has developed into several variations:ananda, astanga, bikram, hatha, integral, ishta, kripalu, kundalini, prenatal…
Each has its particularities such as working on your posture, developing your breath, enjoying the well-being of meditation, bringing joy to your daily life and freeing your voice through singing, amplifying your spirituality, preparing your body for childbirth to better manage pain or boost your energy .