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DIY - Your Beauty preparations thanks to tea filters!

If you think that the tea filter is limited to its conventional use, you are missing out on many finds. Whether you choose it to save money or for an ecological choice, the tea filter is undeniably the practical beauty accessory of the D system. The big plus of the one presented in the BelleauNaturel box for the month of October is that it is made from made from natural hemp fibers and that there are over 100 large size pouches. Enough to make many recipes like those presented below.

Your beauty recipes with the tea filter

  • The eye contour pouch :a lack of sleep, water, an excess of alcohol, salt or junk food and we immediately see the bags under the eyes appear. We recognize them by their swollen appearance and they age us. What is the solution to act on puffiness? To begin with, it is important not to rub your eyes and this to avoid irritation. Then take a cup of green tea and use the used tea bag by tapping it gently on your eyes. With the action of the tea, the skin will tighten. If you are out of makeup remover cotton, you can also soak the tea filter in cornflower lotion and leave it on your eyes for 5 minutes.

  • During and after hair removal :you can make your own oriental sugar wax yourself and possibly use the tea filter to make a depilatory strip. For this you will need two glasses of powdered sugar, half a glass of water, juice of half a lemon and two tablespoons of liquid honey. Pour the sugar, water and lemon juice together in a saucepan and heat over low heat, stirring regularly until you obtain an easily malleable caramel. Then remove the preparation from the heat and add the honey and mix everything well. Allow your wax to cool to thicken. During this time, you can begin to prepare your skin for epilation by using a towel soaked in hot water to open the pores of the skin. Dry your skin well and apply a layer of homemade wax on the part to be depilated. Put the wipe on top and remove it with a sharp blow in the opposite direction of the hair.

After waxing, our skin tends to be irritated, painful and dotted with red dots. To remedy this, use another tea filter as a soothing wipe by impregnating it with a hydrosol of chamomile, linden or witch hazel. You can also use herbal teas.

  • The poultice anti-cellulite :let’s first look at what cellulite is. It is a fatty mass that forms when neither the cells nor the lymph can evacuate their waste. This results in inflammation and therefore our good old orange peel skin. To act, we will use green clay powder for its detoxifying and decongestant properties and mix it with water until you obtain a thick paste. Add 2-3 drops of orange or lemon essential oil to it as they are good tonics for the skin. Mix everything and apply generously to the areas to be treated. Cover with tea filter strips to avoid marks on the sheets and keep overnight.

Audrey from Miss Ambroise