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Beauty tip:cleaning makeup brushes

Beauty tip:cleaning makeup brushes
Did you know that dirty brushes can lead to acne, clogged pores and skin impurities?
And yet 45% of women say they never clean their brushes according to the website.

Here are all the tips for keeping our dear beauty accessories ultra clean!

Beauty tip:cleaning makeup brushes

Brushes and brushes

Makeup brushes accumulate thousands of germs that can dirty and infect your skin.
That's why it's so important to keep them so clean as possible.
This will also prevent you from mixing color tones on the same brush.

Ideally, clean them after each use.
If you don't have time, remember to wash them at most every 15 days.

Makeup brushes don't clean the same way depending on how they look:

  • Those with natural bristles:mainly for powders.
    Wash them with neutral pH soapy water and let them dry. Be careful not to put them in a vertical position when they are still wet, this could damage the wooden handle. You can also apply conditioner once a month to your brushes to keep them supple and soft.

  • Those with synthetic bristles:mainly for creamier products. Clean them with a non-alcoholic product. There are many leave-in cleaning solutions that you can apply directly to your brush using a clean cloth.

Makeup sponges

Single-use sponges are the most hygienic.
However, if you prefer to use reusable sponges, consider disinfecting them with a little washing-up liquid and a splash of disinfectant alcohol.
You can also clean them with baby lotion. Let the sponge dry before storing or using it again.

Lipstick &Foundation Brushes

For those who apply lipstick with a brush, it is important to keep it clean.
To disinfect, use a cloth moistened with alcohol to give it a shine.
No need to wash it very often:once every 4-5 months should be enough.

Makeup pouch

It contains all your treasures but is often neglected when it comes to cleaning.
In reality, germs and bacteria contaminate your accessories daily.
To solve this problem, clean it regularly (every 2-3 months) thoroughly or by simply washing it in the washing machine.
In the meantime, give it a freshen up with a face cloth.

Tip for removing traces of makeup from your clothes (for you too gentlemen)

If you get a makeup stain, don't panic!
Soak your garment in a mixture of water, vinegar and a a little lemon juice.
Leave to act for a few minutes then apply a little detergent directly to the stain.
Rub the damaged area until the stain disappears then rinse thoroughly.

For lipstick stains, soak a piece of cotton in ammonia and rub the stain before soaking the garment in hot water.

Beauty tip:cleaning makeup brushes