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Tired ? Try the new fresh marine spirulina

Did you know ? Spirulina is a cyanobacterium low in calories and exceptionally rich in antioxidants, nutrients, highly assimilable vegetable proteins, iron, vitamin B12 essential to the brain, and carotenoids. Energizing and anti-inflammatory, it is also detoxifying because it captures heavy metals. Its nutritional qualities make it one of the only superfoods recognized by the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) as being able to alleviate malnutrition in the world. Oyster farmer with a passion for micro-algae, Marie-Gabrielle Capodano worked for two years to succeed in making spirulina, usually processed in fresh water, resistant to sea water:"there had already been studies, in particular one in Madagascar on which I relied to conduct my research. But none had succeeded in adapting it to seawater and, above all, in ensuring its reproducibility. This cyanobacterium whose characteristic green color is linked to its chlorophyll concentration, develops by photosynthesis, like a micro-algae. It has existed for 3.5 billion years, which proves its exceptional adaptability as well as its very high resistance. What is the interest of cultivating it in seawater? The latter is ultra-concentrated in natural micro-nutrients, which further enriches the spirulina. In addition, the availability of seawater ensures an eco-responsible approach that is part of a real process of sustainable development. This production method also gives it a longer life in its fresh form, which allows you to retain all the combined benefits of the sea and spirulina:it can be consumed for 7 to 10 days compared to 24 to 48 hours in the fresh water (which is why it usually comes in powder or tablet form). Bonus:it is frankly delicious, while classic spirulina has no taste quality.

Fresh spirulina in all its forms

On the strength of her various findings, Marie-Gabrielle works with spirulina in all its forms:she has created a liquid concentrate booster, sea flakes and energy bars, she refines her oysters with them (we tested and loved this delicacy that turned out to be super energetic), she works with renowned pastry chefs, cooks and chocolate makers to develop tasty sweets with high nutritional potential (we liked that too!), she is developing her range of cosmetics. And it collaborates with the very beautiful Hotel Thalasso Le Miramar located in Port Crouesty on the Rhuys peninsula

and provides fresh spirulina to make ultra remineralising wraps.

We are impatiently waiting for the very creative and very dynamic Marie-Gabrielle and her small company to deliver fresh spirulina everywhere in France to be able to take advantage of its exceptional qualities which literally damn the pawn to fatigue.