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Trench coat:our 5 essential fashion tips

Timeless and elegant, the trench coat is a must have in our wardrobe. He accompanies us throughout the year through the ready-to-wear collections. The trench coat is perfect for fall and mid-season when the weather turns rainy and we're not ready to pull out our warm winter coats yet. But it can also be worn in summer, to go from a hot day to a cool evening in style, or in winter, with a very warm woolen model.

Although it is a centerpiece to have, it can sometimes be boring if poorly accessorized and it is not always easy to find the one that suits us best in terms of cut.

You will understand, the trench coat is not ready to go out of style and we like to revisit it for the start of the school year. For a fresh and trendy look, follow our fashion tips to choose the right trench coat.

Finding the perfect fit

If you are looking for how to dress well in the rain, the trench coat is the perfect garment! Do you have to choose it well...

The military cut of the trench coat is over! Nowadays, you will see it oversized, adjusted or even fluid . Ready-to-wear brands are constantly reinventing it to adapt to all the most modern styles.

Among this wide choice of cuts, it is not always easy to choose. And yet, the cut you choose is crucial and a few important details will make all the difference!

First, ensure a good fit in the sleeves and shoulders. Beware of shoulders that are too broad, which will break your figure, or sleeves that are too short or too long.

Keep in mind that there are three Trench lengths:

  • Short trenches:they stop at the hips at the lowest.
  • Medium Trench Coats:These are the most common, usually reaching at or just above your knees.
  • Long trench coats:they go down below the knee at calf or ankle level.

Each woman will have her preferences and certain lengths will suit certain body types better. For example, tall women will go less easily to short trench coats. But there are no precise rules, the best is to try different cuts and observe the visual rendering. Trust yourself!

Do you have a small waist and wonder if the trench coat is for you?

Don't worry, trench coats aren't just for plus-size women! You just have to choose the cut that suits you best.

Warning:even if you are petite, you can opt for a long or short trench. In reality, it's all about style.

Flashed a long model? Follow our advice:choose the right accessories and give your outfit maximum style. Dare to think outside the box and impose your look like the beautiful Noholita .

Do you want to stick with something more classic but just as effective?

For a successful look, opt for high-waisted skinny jeans with ankle boots or heels. This combo will make a very nice combination and will highlight your silhouette by refining it and making it slender.

Do you have curves and wonder if the trench coat is for you?

The answer is yes, it's a piece you can wear. Just be sure to choose a fluid and light model so as not to weigh down your silhouette and preferably wear it open.

A good option is also to belt your trench "in a martingale", this means that the belt will be double tied at the back to obtain a well-defined waist.

Dare to color

Although the beige trench is still the most common color, there are a multitude of possible shades to wear the trench in a trendy way. Why not try a pretty pastel for spring or early fall? Dare the royal blues, the reds which are very elegant, the khakis which will certainly give you a modern look….

We all have colors that highlight us. Dark complexions can afford bright colors while very fair skin will go more easily with neutral or pastel colors. To find out what your color is, there is no miracle recipe, you have to try and see what best suits your skin type.

Choosing your shoes with a trench coat

Women often wonder what type of shoes to wear with the trench coat? Can we dare sneakers? Will loafer-style flats give me a preppy look that's too classic?

A lot of questions that really shouldn't be a cause for concern. You will see that the trench goes very well with most trendy shoe models.

We will still give you some advice depending on the length of your trench coat:

  • If you chose it short, then choose high-heeled boots or pumps, but beware of ankle boots that will shorten the length of your legs.
  • If you chose it medium size, then it will be perfect with ankle boots.
  • If you chose it long, opt for flat shoes instead. A nice pair of sneakers combined with a maxi trench coat will immediately give you an ultra-trendy look.

Accessorizing your trench coat:the final step!

Pair your trench coat with poorly chosen accessories and your look will be old-fashioned. On the other hand, pair your trench coat with the right accessories and you will become the queen of fashion !

A few fashion tips to follow:

  • Overuse scarves and shawls. They are your allies for a perfect look with a trench coat.
  • Dare to wear felt hats.
  • Do yourself a favor and pair your trench coat with a cross-body handbag for a cool look.
  • This year, the fanny pack trend also works great with the trench. Fall for the Number Six leather goods model from Polène for absolute elegance.
  • Dare to replace your belt with a pretty scarf.
  • Don't forget to wear a nice watch that will discreetly protrude from your wrist during your movements for a chic and urban look.

3 ultra stylish trends for wearing a trench coat

The perfect look when it rains

The leather leggings , big ready-to-wear trend this winter 2019 is the perfect ally for your outfit. Pair it with a nice pair of rain boots or trainers for a modern look.

Combine your trench coat with a pretty dress

One ​​of the best options for a feminine and glamorous look with your trench coat, is to wear a dress and tie the trench coat while accessorizing it with a nice pair of high heels. Choose your favorite short or knee-length dress. If you are looking for a safe bet, the little black dress will work every time.

The essential Burberry trench coat

Are you looking for a trendy and refined look?

The Burberry trench coat, pioneer in the field, remains a must. To wear it without making a bad move, combine your trench coat with your best pair of moccasins, raw jeans and a little sailor top and you'll have the perfect successful preppy look , the look of the elite of British universities.