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British fashion heritage

The European Union is getting a jacket from Britain, known for its sharp sense of style. A look back at British fashion heritage.

British fashion heritage

Nobody knows what will happen to London Fashion Week or British designers after Brexit is finalized in a maximum of two years. But for centuries, British fashion has invaded men's wardrobes without necessarily realizing it. Men indeed dress from head to toe in clothes that have emerged across the Channel.

Take the melon

The head also serves as a support for the mythical bowler hat. England would be the motherland of this little felt headgear made famous in particular by the London actor Charlie Chaplin. First loaned to peasants, this hat later became a symbol of respect. These days, he's a boldly styled guy's best friend.

Flawless style in a trench coat

With the return of sunny days, the general trend is to lighten one's outfits. Starting with the down jacket which is willingly swapped for a trench coat. The "trench coat", a literal translation of the language of Shakespeare, made the reputation of the British brand Burberry in the last century. This famous long canvas coat is now a basic to bring out every mid-season. It lends itself quite well to neutral tones:beige, khaki or navy.

Dandy hashtag

The Irish and the Scots have the word "brog" to mean "shoe". We French have renamed "Richelieu" what the British call "brogues". These shoes with heels and laced in stitched leather were considered more or less a hundred years ago as undistinguished shoes. They are now the delight of stylish men of the Instagram generation who appreciate them for their dandy look, ideal for enhancing a basic suit.

The British will not take these indispensable pieces of the male wardrobe with them. We leave them the rubber rain boots and punk-style strappy pants they invented. They just didn't have to turn around!