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The fashion industry is going green

The fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world. It's time for eco-responsibility.

The fashion industry is going green

Blood-red rivers in Asia, synthetic fabrics derived from petroleum, water-intensive cotton... So many factors that prove that the fashion industry has a role to play in global warming. But more and more projects tend to want to reverse the steam.

Fashion has a bottle

Bionic® is the new textile from the giant H&M . It is a fabric made up of used bottles found at the seaside recycled and mixed with new bottles. It can be found this spring in certain pieces from the Swedish brand's Conscious collection.

The American Nike took advantage of its Air Max Day to unveil an eco-responsible shoebox to the public. By recycling cans, bottles and corks, the comma brand has created a box with an airy design that can also be used as a backpack.

Backpacks are the specialty of the PinqPonq brand. who has just designed a range in fabric made from recycled bottles. With the millions of tons of plastic thrown away in the world each year, finding the raw material is not a problem.

Choose your team

Many major brands are joining responsible production initiatives. We find for example Puma, New Balance or Primark in the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals program which aims to put an end to the use of chemicals in certain manufacturing stages.

Levi's, Guess, Asos and C&A among others belong to the ranks of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition. It is an organization encouraging textile giants to move towards a mode of production that respects the environment and communities.

Italy has just launched its eco-friendly fashion competition this year, the Green Carpet Talent Competition 2017. Slowly but surely, the fashion industry is moving towards a greener future.