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Accessories:the wood trend

In full effervescence of 2.0 materials derived from plastic, general surprise:the latest trendy material is wood. It comes in a string of accessories.

Accessories:the wood trend

After the compressed air in the soles of shoes and the flames on "Thrasher" sweatshirts, fashion is taming a third element:the earth. Wood is this season's raw material for trendy accessories. It is found at all levels.

The Hangover

Glasses are very effective in dressing your face and expressing your personality. Wood is therefore an ideal material because it does not lack character. The originals will appreciate its singularity, each frame being unique thanks to the grain of the wood. The wider the model, the more wood the pair of glasses sends!

Another accessory that highlights a face:the bow tie. The latter, better than a necklace, more original than a tie, is also up to date and reinvented in wood. This material makes it possible to engrave various patterns, adorned with noble fabrics for a chic look. It's sure, the bow tie will finally come out of the woodwork.

Touch wood

In body language, the hands are very important and communicate a lot of information. They attract the eye and it is essential to highlight them. Dressing them up in flashy watches, views and reviews can help. But to be sure to intrigue and make an impression, you might as well bet on wooden watches that are really out of the ordinary. With engraved wooden cufflinks, the total look is tempting. By choosing a beautiful wood different from that of the watch and by inlaying a nice coat of arms type pattern in the buttons, you will be the phoenix of the hosts of these woods!