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The return of the bow tie

Between Pinocchio's bow tie in 1940 and that of Ryan Gosling, retouched by Meryl Streep at the SAG Awards last January, water has flowed under the bridge. The bow tie has become trendy again.

The return of the bow tie

To spice up a fairly basic outfit, you have to bet on strong pieces:colorful sneakers, original jewelry and unusual accessories. Among them:the bow tie.

Butterfly of light...

The bow tie stands out from classic ties and even "slim" ties which are currently on the rise. Like a ribbon on a gift package, it highlights the face. It emphasizes a well-groomed beard or a nice jawline, provided you choose it at the right size. An XXL bow tie hugs the silhouette and fatigues a face. We prefer, like the tie, a more modern slim version. Modernity also means wearing it during the day with a nice neutral shirt and colorful chinos.

... in the spotlight!

What is really fashionable with the bow tie is its "YOLO" side. The artist Stromae illustrates this very well with his mini bow ties with geometric and quirky prints that are unique to him. The bow tie being in itself an already strong piece, we can afford to try everything and opt for garish colors and avant-garde prints. Bandana, jacquard, op art, wax:anything goes. You can even make reminders with a pocket square of the same pattern. The most creative will allow themselves to match the tones of their outfits with those of their bow tie, sapology style.

If the butterfly is now available in a pop culture way in the city, in the evening or on dates, it retains its original trappings, with black satin remaining a safe bet with a fitted tuxedo.