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Gucci:the coolest brand of 2017

"J'veux du L, j'veux du V, j'veux du G" as Gucci sang the PNL rappers in 2016 in anticipation of 2017, the crowning year of the brand.

Gucci:the coolest brand of 2017

After crossing the desert, in 2015 Gucci change team. Alessandro Michele takes the reins of creation and on the business side the company now relies on Marco Bizarri. The sauce takes, so well that 2017 could be the year of its advent.

Gucci 2.0

Jared Leto, muse of the Guilty perfumes of the transalpine brand and great friend of Alessandro Michele, wears the strongest pieces of Gucci :moccasins, sweaters, denim jackets, embroidered suits... Last year, during the promotion of the film "Suicide Squad", Jared became an Internet hero. A photo of his excitement at the sight of a Gucci suit on a Milan catwalk resurfaced after he walked the red carpet at the film's premiere in London. Gucci may be realizing its viral potential here and in 2017, the brand is playing this card to the fullest. In February, Gucci launches an advertising campaign designed like the memes that flourish on Instagram, Tumblr or Twitter. Best way to engage millennials!

Young people and minorities

Gucci is open to the youngest but also to a market that luxury has long left aside:minorities. In February, the brand recognized that it was not the most inclusive brand and to compensate for this delay, it has just launched an advertising campaign composed of models and dancers exclusively of color. This campaign celebrates the atmosphere of English underground clubs in the 60s, some will recognize the colors of the Netflix series "The Get Down". The Italian brand whose teenage idols like Harry Styles, Jamie XX and Rihanna are adorned with, could well have as its next slogan "Netflix, Gucci and Chill" and reach the pinnacle of cool.