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Supreme, acquired by the LVMH group?

Stupor and tremors in the world of street-wear:the Supreme brand is about to be bought by the LVMH group. So, info or intox? We decipher for you the big news that is shaking up the fashion industry.

Supreme, acquired by the LVMH group?

All that was needed was for Supreme definitely has all the fashion at his feet. Indeed, the rumor runs and swells about the possible takeover of the brand by the LVMH group. for 500 million euros.

After an incredible and perfectly orchestrated collaboration with Louis Vuitton - unveiled during the last Men's Fashion Week in Paris - the street-wear brand iconic Supreme would therefore be about to enter the big leagues at LVMH , alongside other prestigious brands such as Dior , KENZO or Marc Jacobs.

A not so risky bet for the group with a turnover of 35 billion euros in 2015, when we know the global success of the American brand at the heart of skate culture and even beyond. On the side of Supreme , there was no hint of her meteoric rise in the fashion world when she opened her first boutique in New York in 1994.

However, in nearly twenty years, the brand has established itself as an icon for an entire generation rocked by street-wear thanks to collaborations as cool as they are prestigious - Nike, North Face, Champion, Stone Island ...-and exclusive pieces, which are snapped up all over the world - sometimes even sold-out before you have had time to love them.

So, is this fashion industry gossip or a chronicle of an announced success? You don't know what to think when you also learn that Angelo Baque , the director of Supreme longtime, recently announced that he was leaving his position... before the takeover by LVMH ?

To be continued...