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A remarkable beauty tip to get rid of dark circles

A remarkable beauty tip to get rid of dark circles

You have to read it twice before you realize what it says, but it really is there. Are you going to try it too? There is a good chance that you already have the tool at home.

Every now and then beautyland is startled by a beauty tip that everyone first thinks:huh? And then thinks:there might be something in it. This is one of those.

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Red lipstick

Beauty vlogger Deepica Mutyala started experimenting with red lipstick. The color red neutralizes the bluish and purplish tones that are so characteristic of the circles under your eyes. And the great thing is:every brand and every shade of red will do. Maybe you even already have a red lipstick at home?

Step-step plan

With a brush you wipe the red lipstick well over the dark circles, also above your eyes. Try to apply it as evenly as possible. Then take your daily foundation (preferably a good one), and apply it with a sponge all over your face – not just over the red lipstick. And tadaa!