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Get rid of hat hair

Get rid of hat hair

With these tips, your hair will not be ruined after you take off your hat.

Make sure your hair is dry before putting on your hat
If your hair dries incorrectly under your hat (and there is a good chance that), it will be difficult to get your hair into shape afterwards.

Do something about your hair before putting on your hat
Under a hat it gets nice and warm and what happens to warm hair? You can model that, just think of a hair dryer. So make sure your hair is in the right shape before putting on your hat.

Wear a wool or cotton hat
Natural ingredients are better for your hair. Synthetic materials make your hair even more static.

Wear a looser hat
A wider hat gives your hair more room, making your hair less flat.

Bring dry shampoo with you Anyway, you can probably use extra volume when you take your hat off. Shake out your hair and use some dry shampoo to create volume and structure.