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The 5 best up dos to make your hair look fuller

The 5 best up dos to make your hair look fuller

Do you have fine and/or thin hair or do you notice that your hair has been losing some of its volume lately? You normally see that pretty quickly when wearing a ponytail, but not with these hairstyles! These are the 5 best up dos to make your hair look fuller. Which one will be your new favorite?

1. Loose low tail

Start by adding some texture to your hair, which will instantly give it more volume. For example, use a large curling iron to make waves in your hair. Take a brush and backcomb the top half of your hair before gathering all your hair together to create a loose, low ponytail at the nape of your neck. You can also tease your tail a bit for more volume. Then loosen some small tufts around your face to make your hairdo just that little bit more special than a standard ponytail, et voilà.

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2. Halo braid

This hairstyle gives you a chic look and at the same time hides areas on your head where your hair is starting to thin. It may be the trickiest of all the styles on this list, but it's relatively easy once you've practiced a few times. This style is best done if you haven't just washed your hair, which will give you more grip and texture. It also helps to spray a little dry shampoo at the roots of your hair and to run a texturizing spray through your hair to absorb oil and give your hair volume.

Make a side part and part your hair from your hairline through the side of your head until you can no longer braid. Don't make the braid too tight so that you don't pull too hard on the fragile hairs at your hairline. Do the same on the other side of your head, cross the braids at the nape of your neck and secure them with some hair clips. You can then pull the braids a bit to make them bigger and thus create more volume.

3. French Twist

This hairstyle is not only voluminous, but also chic! Start curling your hair. Backcomb your hair only close to your head, then gather it all together at the center of the back of your head. Twist the ends up to create a vertical twist that runs from your neck to the top of your head. Secure the hair with some bobby pins and gently pull both sides of the twist to make it look fuller.

4. Chignon

The chignon is also a classic and popular hairstyle. But if you make it very slick, your hair can appear thinner. That is why we recommend that you create a teased variant. Use a large curling iron to create waves in your hair from roots to ends. Then spray some texture spray in it. Make a loose tail at the back of your neck and tease it as full as possible. Then roll your hair in a circle and secure it just above your hairline with some hair clips. Are some tufts falling out? No worries, that's all part of the look!

5. High bun

The high bun is also ideal for creating more volume! And this style isn't hard to make, trust us. After curling your hair with a large curling iron, pull your hair on top of your head in a loose ponytail. Drop a few strands down your face for more depth and movement in your hair. Backcomb your ponytail, spray in some texture spray and roll your hair around the beginning of your ponytail. Take some pins to secure your bun and you have a high bun!