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Noémi's beauty favourite:The Absolution Eye Treatment

At almost thirty years old, I'm starting to see little expression lines and dehydration at the corner of my eyes and I have dark circles that don't leave me... Suffice to say that "eye contour" care, I tried some, looking for the perfect formula.

The ideal product for me? A treatment that offers a moisturizing and illuminating action and deflates dark circles (they tend to be dark). That's good, that's precisely the job of this Absolution Eye Treatment! The formula, certified organic, is packed with active ingredients:aloe vera, jojoba, argan and calendula oils, acerola, mica and hyaluronic acid (the complete composition can be found on the website of Absolution).

Concretely, I have the impression that my dark circles are "plumped up", they are less hollowed out. The treatment is very slightly iridescent, so it immediately brings light to the eyes. Over the long term, my dark circles are visibly less dark.

Just after putting it on, you feel a feeling of freshness, very pleasant in the morning. As for dehydration wrinkles, they are still present but less visible and the feeling of tightness that I sometimes felt while laughing has disappeared.

So I treasure this eye contour treatment (very economical by the way because I've had it for several months), I found the one I needed!